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Thread: VPN not working on CISCO WAG54G2 Router

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    VPN not working on CISCO WAG54G2 Router

    To connect at my workplace network I have to use VPN and for that I am using CISCO WAG54G2 Router. This was before with my friend who gave me this for a week. When I made settings as per given by network admin, I found that after some interval I am facing timeout message. The connection is not established. I had called the IT guy who told that here is nothing wrong with my settings. So does this is a router issue. If yes then how can fix that. I have a 2mbps internet line at my home with works well with existing ISP router. But with Cisco I cannot establish vpn.

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    Re: VPN not working on CISCO WAG54G2 Router

    Are you sure that your vpn settings are fine. I will recommend you to verify the same on more time. If that is fine, then you need to check the router firmware. You can go on official site of Cisco and download the more recent firmware. Run update and then try back.

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    Re: VPN not working on CISCO WAG54G2 Router

    I have certain troubleshooting tips that might help you to deal with the issue. I have some solutions based on vpn connectivity via Linksys Cable Gateway. Under this you need to first allow VPN pass through via cable gateways. That is actually enabled and you do not require to do any manual changes. But just for checking the same you can enable that one more time or simply check. For that login to your router. Then go in Security > VPN. If you cannot see VPN then look for VPN Pass-through. Enable both PPTP and IPSec. Once done with this you can contact your IT guy to configure the cable gateway. Firmware update is another appropriate solution that you can go for. There are certain more things that you can try. As you said you can see timeout settings then I hope this can be a kind of connectivity issue only. For that the first thing is require to check is internet access. If it is working, still I will tell you to have a look one time. If you have configuration VPN then Internet Explorer will establish the connection automatically. Run vpn and then Internet Explorer. There is surely some kind of connectivity failure. Check physically connections also.

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    Re: VPN not working on CISCO WAG54G2 Router

    It is better if you can try some steps mentioned in the below link. There are some series of guide that can help you to test various aspect of vpn failure. I had provided links for three different issue based on vpn failure.
    Encountering Problems Connecting to the VPN Using a Linksys Cable Gateway -
    Encountering Problems when Connecting to the VPN Using a Linksys ADSL Gateway -
    VPN Connection Not Working on the ADSL Gateway -

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