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Thread: Norton Internet Security can be used with SSD

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    Norton Internet Security can be used with SSD

    HI, am using windows 7 computer. For security purpose I had installed Norton Internet Security on my computer. I am having an external SSD connected with my computer. Let me know whether it can cause any issue while using this particular security software with my SSD?

    I would also like to know will it cause an issue with defragmentation of the drive? If you know anything about it , let me know as early as possible. Help appreciated.

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    Re: Norton Internet Security can be used with SSD

    Well in this particular situation I wanted tell you that whenever you are using normal hard drive, Norton Idle TIme Optimizer is used to launch Windows Defragmenter. Norton Idle TIme Optimizer simply makes a test to figure out whether itís a normal hard drive or SSD. I would recommend that you should simply disable the same after successful installation of Norton Internet Security on the computer.

    Also if you are concerned about defragment of SSD drive, then donít concern about it. You had mentioned that Windows 7 is installed on the computer. Windows 7 is supposed to defragment the hard drive whenever it is needed. Basically entire function is controlled by Windows Scheduler. Personally I donít think running a virus scan on your SSD would not cause any issue with performance and life.

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    Re: Norton Internet Security can be used with SSD

    As far as I know there was issue with security program installed on old version SSD. It simply effects write cycles of SSD. Normal hard disk has longer life so there would not be any issue if you use defragmentation and all that stuff. I would recommend that you should not defragment or run benchmarks on your SSD for longer life of it.

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