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Thread: How to fix Virus Definition update failure on Eset.

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    How to fix Virus Definition update failure on Eset.

    Hey friends I am facing problem with my antivirus. I am using eset antivirus from last six months and i never had any problem before with this antivirus. I used to keep my Virus Definition updated but now whenever I try to update Virus Definition it’s not getting updated and it’s showing notification as Virus Definition update failure. If anyone knows how to fix this issue please do reply.

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    Re: How to fix Virus Definition update failure on Eset.

    Hey buddy you are facing problem with “Virus signature database update failed" for solving this first try re-entering your username and password. Check that your license key is not expired. For checking this open main window of eset by clicking on eset icon which is next to system clock or there is another way . go to start then select all programs in all programs select eset .after opening eset program select update and in update select virus signature database update. If your antivirus start updating you dnt need to follow further instructions. If your previous update is corrupted then you won’t be able to download new updates. Clear the update cache and delete the update file folder also delete the charon folder.

    Ensure that your third party firewall is not blocking you from connecting internet. Configure your proxy settings. Open your eset main window ,now press F5 button .it will open the advance setup window. In advance setup tree , click on update and then click on the Advanced Update Setup tab. Now click on the http proxy tab. If you are not using a proxy server then choose do not use proxy server option and then click ok button to confirm settings. Again click on F5 button. It will open advance update setup. Click on update, in update you will see Update Server drop-down menu set that menu to “Choose Automatically “. Now go to Main window and select update in update click update virus database signature. I hope this will solve your issue.

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