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Thread: Web Access failed to work with LinkStation Pro Duo

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    Web Access failed to work with LinkStation Pro Duo

    I am having LinkStation Pro Duo - LS-WVL/R1 from past couple of weeks. I found that my this particular device is not able to respond to WebAccess or NAS Navigator. I donít whether the said issue is associated with firmware issue. Let me know if you are suffering from the same issue and also feel free to post if you are aware of any possible solution that I can use to resolve my issue.

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    Re: Web Access failed to work with LinkStation Pro Duo

    I was also facing from the same issue which you had mentioned over here. However in my situation I was getting an issue with Buffalo Airstation G300N Rev 1. But still I am posting below what I did to resolve my issue. I found that there was wireless network not able to getting connected with devices on LAN. However it was able to connect with WAN. Following are the steps which you can give a try.
    • Go for Wireless settings, click on Basic subtab and uncheck all unwanted features of wireless network. After that simply refresh your Nas Navigator.

    Let me know whether it worked for you.

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    Re: Web Access failed to work with LinkStation Pro Duo

    Looking at the situation I recommend that you should try to remap network drive. Also try to factory reset the hard drive of yours. If still you are having any issue then I think there is need of updating of firmware. You can get the firmware from the official website.

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