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Thread: Quick Heal Antivirus won't update even after registration

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    Quick Heal Antivirus won't update even after registration

    Few days ago I have installed the Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 2012 on my computer which is running windows 7. I bought it online and also got a registration key with. At first the registration key didnít work. So I reported back to the QuickHeal and they immediately sent me another key which worked fine.

    Now the registration is complete. Since it was a fully upgraded package, it hadnít updated anything at that time. Itís been a week now and my computer is always connected to the internet. But there is no sign of QuickHeal automatically updating its virus signature database. I have to manually start the update and install it. The settings for update set as automatic but still it wonít update anything by itself.

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    Re: Quick Heal Antivirus won't update even after registration

    There could be several reasons for this issue but you have to know what exactly the cause is. Since the computer is always online, it should update automatically. Maybe it might have updated in the background but didnít show you any notification on the screen. Did you try comparing the version of virus signature database?

    You should compare the current version number with the one which you got during the first installation. Only the database will be updated automatically, not the whole programs and its components. Also make sure that is your antivirus connected to the internet. You can check this either using the firewall (If you have installed one) otherwise using the netstat command on commands prompt. This command will show you the current status of TCP/IP establishment.

    If it is not connected, something must be preventing it and it could be virus. Sometime virus will block the DNS of security sites. To clear it: Open command prompt and type CD until you reach C:\. After that type dnscache. It will clear the DNS cache thus allowing you to connect to the Antivirus side server.

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    Re: Quick Heal Antivirus won't update even after registration

    Did you try updating the antivirus by disabling the Firewall program?

    Check the internet settings as well as connection and make sure that they are working well. Sometime you could resolve the problem by re-installing the Quick Heal Antivirus. You already have registration key. Then you donít need to worry about re-installation. You can use the same key during the next installation also as far as that key is valid. I mean sometime the key will be valid only for 1, 2, and 3 or may be for 5 yearÖ maximum. After that you have to renew the key or purchase it once again. The key is like a license which will be valid for certain period of time.

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    Re: Quick Heal Antivirus won't update even after registration

    Commercial Antivirus uses subscription. So make sure that it is not expired. The Antivirus might have completed its registration using a valid key but what about the subscription. It is a separate thing, if they didnít gave you the subscription, your product will no longer update. You can manually update the program but it wonít do it automatically. So it seems like a huge bug in a program. Search on the QuickHeal support forum to see whether someone has posted the same issue or not. If you find a post there, Quickheal moderator might have posted a patch or solution there.

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    Re: Quick Heal Antivirus won't update even after registration

    Did you try contacting the technical support team of Quick Heal? On the official website, you will find the contact number or email address where you can directly contact and ask queries regarding their products, offers, registration and troubleshooting help. They will directly response you for any kind of requests you make.

    But if you think that it is a bug in the program, you should try updating the program. There is option for you to update the program also which will automatically fixes any bug in the antivirus programs. It will also install additional components and features if available.

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