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Thread: Unable to reset admin password for Buffalo Linkstation LS-CHL

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    Unable to reset admin password for Buffalo Linkstation LS-CHL

    Couple of month ago I bought LinkStation LS-CH1.0TL. I used this device for storing songs, movies and my personal data so I can access my stuff from anywhere easily. I used to change password of my LinkStation for security reasons but I didn’t know that the one day I will forget the password. I tried by using my old password but it didn’t work and now I dnt have access to my LinkStation. If anyone knows how to reset LinkStation please reply as soon as possible.

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    Re: Unable to reset admin password for Buffalo Linkstation LS-CHL

    Even I had same problem, I was trying to reset my LinkStation password but I was unable to reset my password. After making so much research I found solution for it. So, to solve your problem you have to go through following steps:
    • Remove your LinkStation power cord while your LinkStation is on.
    • Reboot your LinkStation. If power led of your LinkStation is blinking more than for 85 seconds from the beginning then disconnect the power cord and try again.
    • Do this step till the LinkStation led is blink for 60 seconds after the start and till your LinkStation goes on Emergency Mode (EM).
    • After setting your LinkStation on EM mode, now we can update firmware for LinkStation. For latest firmware for LinkStation visit on following website.
    • Now download the latest firmware and extract it to desktop.
    • Deactivate your antivirus and firewall if you have any.
    • Now connect your Buffalo-NAS to your computer and router, in DHCP server mode. the DHCP server mode is needed for updating new device.
    • If any other network connection is enable please disable it.
    • Check your computer and your LinkStation are using same IP-adress.
    • In extracted firmware folder open up LSupdater.ini in WordPad or Notepad.
    • Modify that file as shown below.

    VersionCheck = 0 (modify this line from 1 to 0)
    NoFormatting = 0 (modify this line from 1 to 0)
    [SpecialFlags] (add this line to the bottom of the text)
    Debug = 1 (add this line to the bottom of the text)
    After doing this modification save the file and run the LSupdater.exe file. Now click on the right side of updater window and select Debug. Now this will open debug options. In debug select the following one.Make sure that the option on the left side are selected and on right side also select all options only do not select this one option that is “Rebuild Partition Table”. If you select “Rebuild Partition Table” then it will erase all your data. Now click ok and start with update. I hope this will help you to solve your issue.

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    Re: Unable to reset admin password for Buffalo Linkstation LS-CHL

    Hey buddy for resetting your admin password try with force firmware update. Even after trying force firmware try to call tech support.they will send you new email with an LSrecovery file, which is executable file. Maybe this file will solve your issue . You can also download LSupdater file from Hold your function button for 15 seconds so it will reset your device.

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