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Old 28-05-2012
Join Date: May 2012
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Cant access FTP site via web using global IP on LinkStation WTGL/R1-V3

I am having LinkStation WTGL/R1-V3. I have found that I was not able to set FTP site by using global IP. However it seems to working fine while I am using local IP. Whenever I am using Global IP it is prompting with an error message.

I could not get what should I do to overcome from above mentioned problem? Any help to resolve the matter will be appreciated.
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Old 28-05-2012
Join Date: May 2011
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Re: Cant access FTP site via web using global IP on LinkStation WTGL/R1-V3

Looking at the situation I recommend following steps which you can try to resolve the issue.
  • Very basic thing which I would like to tell you, set static IP to Linkstation. Normally Router used to set DHCP pool, so it should not be included into DHCP pool. It could be possible that DHCP is enabled. Without Static IP one will not be able to access FTP sites, you can use any of following steps to get your requirement.
  • A CD is provided with Linkstation, in that CD you need to look for IPSetup.exe, simply execute the same. it will prompt with Current IP of Linkstation.
  • Click on Change IP option, also ?Aquire IP address automatically? option should be unchecked. If it checked, you should uncheck the same. by using the same you will be able to set IP address which is outside of DHCP pool.
  • Now you will think, how to find out range of DHCP pool, well it is really simple to do. you should login into web based administration utility, over there you should click on Setup and after that click on Basic Setup. Here it will allow you to know about whether DHCP is enabled or not. Second thing which I wanted tell you that you should look on IP address and total number of users registered with DHCP.
  • Another way to set Static IP as follow,
  • To work on this, you should know IP address of your Work station. Launch web based utility and enter the IP address of the same into Linkstation.
  • Now you should go for Network setup, click on IP address setting. After that set Don't use to DHCP Client Function. Once you had done enter desired IP address into the same. Router IP and subnet IP should be same.
  • You should go to LinkStation administration pages , click on Use for FTP setting. FTP access user should be set to Anonymous. It will allow to access FTP server through a LAN connection. FTP will not work for you if you are not having FTP settings on admin page.
  • Now you have to figure out router IP is static or dynamic. The Static IP mean IP remains same irrespective of you are restarting the router or reconnecting whereas same thing will not happen with Dynamic IP. IP gets changes whenever you restart or reconnect with router. If you are having Static IP peform then do port forwarding on the router to LinkStation FTP.
  • From Router Admin page and go for ?Application and Gaming? put desire name over there. enter 20 and 21 as start and end figure respectively. Now select both the values for protocol. Now you should enter IP address which you had enter into very first steps and enable the same. UDP and TCP should be port forwarded to Port 21.
  • If you are using Dynamic IP then I recommend that you should use DDNS. It assign domain name to Dynamic IP. You can use the same to assign host name as well. you can get the same from the official website. I recommend that you should remain very careful while using such third party applications. Because they are supposed to update dyndns once changes are made into the IP address.
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Old 28-05-2012
Join Date: Mar 2011
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Re: Cant access FTP site via web using global IP on LinkStation WTGL/R1-V3

Let me know whether above mentioned solution worked for you or not? If there is no change in the situation than there could be a firmware issue with the router itself. Hence I recommend that you should get the latest version of firmware and see whether it is working or not.
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