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Thread: How to set Auto VPN connection on Windows 7 Startup

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    How to set Auto VPN connection on Windows 7 Startup

    As the title of this article is saying what I want to ask you here. My computer is powered by Windows 7. Can you tell me how can get connected with VPN at the time of start up. Any help to meet my requirement, will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: How to set Auto VPN connection on Windows 7 Startup

    Looking at the situation I am suggesting following steps which you can try to resolve your matter.
    • Simply click on ‘Save this user name and password for the following users’ checkbox available on VPN connect screen. Click on ‘Anyone who uses this computer’ radio button.
    • Now Click on Properties and go for Options tab. Over there you need to uncheck ‘Display progress while connecting’ and ‘Prompt for name and password, certificate,etc.’ checkbox.
    • Now navigate to following location
    • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    • After that click on Start button, go for Control Panel and click on Network Connections.
    • You need to drag VPN icon to Startup folder.
    • Once you have done with above mentioned thing VPN service would automatically launch at Windows

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    Re: How to set Auto VPN connection on Windows 7 Startup

    If above mentioned solution does not work for you, simply try following solution.
    1. You need to create scheduled task with any desire login name.
    2. Simply check on Run whether user is logged on or not and checkboxes.
    3. Configure For drop down box you need to select Windows 7.
    4. Set an action that would launch program on the system and put the same at c:\windows\system32\rasdial.exe directory.
    5. In Add Arguments box, you should enter new connection name.
    6. Once you have done with all the above mentioned thing simply close all task Conditions.

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