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Thread: Quick Heal License Invalid

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    Quick Heal License Invalid

    I had licensed version of Quick Heal on my computer. Today morning I formatted by computer, installed all required apps, reinstalled Quick Heal as well. But now it is prompting with an error message "invalid licence".

    I am totally clueless and looking for a remedy to overcome above mentioned issue. Any help to overcome the problem will be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Quick Heal License Invalid

    As far as I know above mentioned problem can occur if you are using earlier used License key again. Whenever you reinstall Quick Heal you need to reapply new License so that Quick Heal can get activated.

    If you are having internet connection then simply following steps.

    • You had noticed that Quick Heal Registration Wizard launches whenever computer is started. It does happen because , Quick Heal is not activated. Click on Next button to continue.
    • Click on yes button for ‘I have Internet access on this computer’ and click on Next. Click on Already registered, re-activate my copy and simple enter Serial Number Activation Number.
    • For your information, Serial Number should be printed on Quick Heal box. If you purchased the same online then it Serial number should be mentioned on confirmation email address. I think you are aware of that Activation Number should be provided while registering and activating Quick Heal very first time.
    • After entering above mentioned information simply click on Next buttons to submit.
    • ‘Your copy has been successfully activated’ message will appear on screen.

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