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Thread: clients of the Netgear WN2000RPT lose network and requires restart to fix

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    clients of the Netgear WN2000RPT lose network and requires restart to fix

    As far as I know I did somehow managed to establish a successful connection with my Netgear WN2000RPT. After I made the connection everything went on smoothly without any trouble at least for few hours but then later on I found that almost all my client machines are connected to this WN2000RPT lost the network completely without any reason. When they tried to reconnect them completely failed to do so. Actually they say that WN2000RPT is not at all allowing them to get connected successfully. Now the most interesting thing is that during this point of stage the main network which I am connected to is working just fine, I am talking about the network that the extender is connected. It simply allows me to connect without giving any sort of trouble which is quite surprising for me.

    Another strange thing I have noticed is that if I turn off the WN2000RPT and start it all the way again everything is fixed as if nothing happened. But again later on after few hours of successful connection everything goes off automatically once again. Overall I can say that this issue is never continuous, it repeats within the loop. I am not a technical person so therefore I canít make out the exact reason for this problem but however I can at least guess out that the issue might be with the router itself, I mean it could be related to the hardware or with the firmware. Or there could also be a possibility that my main network connected to the WN2000RPT is going invalid with the IP address. Some people do suggest me to try out certain different position with the router which might help if lucky enough. Believing that this might help me somehow I tried moving the WN2000RPT both near and far away direction from the main router that is connected, also I tried to set it in the standing direction so that if there is any heat problem then this position might help. But after tried out multiple things nothing worked. As I already said that I am not a technical person therefore I never tried my hands with the Static IP. Really wanted to try my hands on Static IP but the only thing that is restricting me is what could be the IP in case of the Client Device. I explained the entire story from starting to the current situation, there is nothing left from my side. Now the only thing I am expecting is your help. Please if there is anyone who understood my issue and have any appropriate suggestion then let me know. Its not only me with this problem; there are other client machines who are on the same track and I wanted to get them out as soon as possible. I am really worried about the other machines and somehow I wanted to let them access the network successfully without facing any trouble.

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    Re: clients of the Netgear WN2000RPT lose network and requires restart to fix

    It is very much recommended to make a strong set up with the WN2000RPT if you really wanted to establish a successful connection through the network. Establishing a proper setup is the first major step towards a well happening connection. Even I have WN2000RPT that is connected to the main network and also I have decent amount of client of WN2000RPT connected on the network and are playing safe. My Client machine and devices are 2 laptops, a smartphone and a steaming box for the TV. However even I would like to suggest you to first check out and verify your WN2000RPT setup and make sure that you establish it safely without committing any mistake. If you are not sure about your connection then I would surely help you out, you can verify your setup with mine and make sure that your set up matches my setup. If everything is same then believe that you made a proper working set up with your WN2000RPT and if anything differs then better go for setting up your WN2000RPT once again following my steps:

    * First of all I updated the firmware for a safe and successful connection. I went for the .20 update which I got on the official page of netgear.
    * Then I managed to set the Dynamic IP and also the WPA1 security, until now nothing was in an intension of working so therefore I continued with the further steps.
    * Now what I did was first tired connecting to my wireless router which automatically again connects to my cable modem, I also tried the connection through the Dynamic IP.
    * After this everything was done properly as according to me, however I verified the entire connection once again and made sure that nothing went wrong. And then when completed the connections was established quite well.

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    Re: clients of the Netgear WN2000RPT lose network and requires restart to fix

    I have an entire similar issue. I seriously do not have any idea why I am not able to set my WN2000RPT to the network and establish a successful connection although I do not have a large number of Client devices as the above person. Actually the thing is that in order to connect some of the wired devices I used this WN2000RPT, the managed to connect those devices to a WNDR4000. My WNDR4000 is running the version V1.0.0.66_8.0.55 whereas WN2000RPT is running V1.0.1.20. There is no doubt that the setup was absolutely fine with the WN2000RPT and also along with that I was able to connect my TV, Blu ray and some other devices through the WNDR4000 to the internet. But as similar in your case even I found that the connection suddenly failed from both the side of WN2000RPT and those devices. Tried lot of thing to get those things back on the network both nothing seems to be working with them. When searched in the log on, I was completely clueless to find it over there.

    And as similar to your case even I found that in order to get everything on place I need a power cycling but that would only reconnect and establish the connection but the logs are still empty with nothing present into it. Power cycling might help with the reconnection but however it doesnít help us all the way creating problem with the log which I explained. Also I noticed that the WN2000RPT and WNDR4000 somehow connects to each other without any requirement of setting up a wireless repeating function but it would only support WEP and not WPA2.

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    Re: clients of the Netgear WN2000RPT lose network and requires restart to fix

    I am not sure but I guess getting a plug timer and rebooting the range extender would help. I too had the much similar issue with the same Netgear WN2000RPT range extender, even in my case WN2000RPT is running the same version. This WN2000RPT is in my case connected to a wireless router from Linksys i.e. E2000. I never felt or measured the issue as too big, restarting this device once doesnít seem to be a painful procedure. However I found that many a times that I am able to connect directly to the Linksys wireless router whenever this Netgear range extender is not at all working fine. However after a long research I found a support case that I was suppose to run through the Netgear support. This support case didnít helped me completely with a fix rather it helped me with providing a debugging image for the Netgear WN2000RPT. I had other WNDR4000 router too with me and guess what. After everything sorted out I found that the issue came up in this current router. People do say that upgrading might help me out with it, they are too confident so I hope that update would really help me out as soon as possible.

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    Re: clients of the Netgear WN2000RPT lose network and requires restart to fix

    I am not sure whether this is the correct place for my issue to be posted but I believe that even my problem is somewhat similar and therefore I decided to share it with you. I have a wifi connection throughout my home and it keeps on loosing after every interval of time which is quite irritating. Itís not that I have a single netgear WN2000RPT and I am facing problem only with it, actually there are about three WN2000RPT present within the network throughout my place and therefore due to this reason I am finding it more difficult to know the exact cause of this issue. Even I have completely failed to understand the problem clearly. The only thing I know is that my netgear WN2000RPT which is connected through the wifi router to the ISP but this connection only stays for an hour or two or sometimes for a whole day but however it doesnít stay the same for much longer, the connection is bound to lose at some point of stage with the WiFi router ISP. As already the above friend mentioned that updating the netgear device might help out in some way, I would like to comment on it saying that updating doesnít really work, at least in my case it doesnít work at all. Even I was suggested to update the device with the latest version of the firmware and even I thought that this would really help but after updating the firmware to V1.0.1.20 I found that everything was as it is, I mean nothing changed of showed any difference. Actually all the 3 netgear WN2000RPT devices that I have are updated with the latest firmware and always they all have been treated equally but then donít know why the issue is only with one WN2000RPT, only when I connect this WN2000RPT the connection is lost with the ISP router.

    Other than all this things i also made lot of other possible thing. Currently I am on 4 channel and I stuck it from the time I am facing this problem, its because I havenít found any other available network on this channel. Also the distance between my ISP routers is quite less. The problem with other channels is that they really have lot of interruptions and disturbance throughout te connection; I am not sure but maybe this is because there are many other routers that are using these same channels other than the 4 channel, therefore its better to go for 4 channel other than those 1,7 and others. Other than these channels it has been said that if you also use some other devices during the connection then you might get lots of help you in reducing the interference and other disturbance but in my case everything is contradicting, the problem remains the same. Overall my main issue is that the device loses connection with the wireless router that is connection through Wifi.

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