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Thread: Netgear GS748Tv4 upgrade caused poor Network Bandwidth Performance

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    Netgear GS748Tv4 upgrade caused poor Network Bandwidth Performance

    I think the update has really got me into a big trouble. After I did the upgrad from 10/100 d-link switch to GS748Tv4 when I tried to run a backup to to an iscsi drive number of problems arrived altogether. According to me I have made my iscsi connection limited to only one server and also made it concerned to only Symantec backupexec storage. Now the main issue arrives after when I run the backups, actually during that period of time I have noticed a lot that all my bandwidth available on the network are used up with the backups process and along with that all other network related activities completely fails. All this happens just because of the network conjunction. However all these problems doesnít really affects me as I usual go for running the backups only during late nights when I do not prefer to do any sort of work but donít know for what reason the backups sometimes run the whole night followed by the next day which then restricts me do my personal work. These long running backups always create a lot of mess within the network. Now as far as I know I need to do something with the iscsi driver. I just wanted to know whether there is any way to lower the priority of the port to the iscsi device keeping this switch and on the other hand also let me know the way to give more priority to the other traffic on the network. All in all I just need to have a balanced traffic so that I can also able run the backups smoothly and also do other necessary things on the network. If balancing is not possible then lowering the iscsi-related network traffic is also fine for me. Hope I have made almost everything clear and now I would expect some positive suggestion and solution for this problem. Please help me out as soon as possible.

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    re: Netgear GS748Tv4 upgrade caused poor Network Bandwidth Performance

    look first of all as far as I know most probably the iscsi network are mostly placed on the VLAN network and also the storage area network has to be kept separate, and if not this then you can also use a direct connection if and only if you have a single server running. Hopefully if you have such connection then this thing would surely work, I guess if you are using a SAN technology then surely your server must be having more than one NIC and if fortunately itís a gigabit then you know what? For the successful connection you will not eve require a cross over cable. Regarding the priority, if you are looking out for managing the protocol based traffic then I think it would be much difficult; in fact even I am not much aware of prioritizing such type of traffic.

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    Re: Netgear GS748Tv4 upgrade caused poor Network Bandwidth Performance

    I do have the same issue and doubts regarding the traffic priority, even I am in desperate need of prioritizing my other network activities than the backups but unfortunately until now I havenít got any possible solution. I am in search of an appropriate solution from past few months and failed badly all the way. Also I tried out the above suggested trick but let me tell you that everything ends up at the same point with no positive result. Many a times I have tried a different network with the help of the same switch that has been mentioned i.e. 10/100 switch, somehow it works but the problem is that it wonít saturate the network for some reason and also the backup process becomes too slow which surprisingly take a long period of time to get completed, just because of this reason I simply turned towards upgrading the gigabit switch and fibre.

    Other than this, one of my friends has recently suggested me to go for connecting to the iscsi device directly. But I really doubt this trick as I personally feel that it might surely saturate the network during the time the other servers backups while connected to the netgear switch. I am very much sure that if things go the same way then definitely everything is going to end up having completely different switches for all different networks which would again end up with running the entire backups for all the servers having a completely different and separate switch through the concerned network.

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    Re: Netgear GS748Tv4 upgrade caused poor Network Bandwidth Performance

    I guess there is no one to help us sincerely even not the Support center itself. I have tried calling them number of time but all the time they either keep me on hold or behave like help me but never end up giving me a proper solution. I am really fed of them. Recently again I called them up expecting that at least this time they might give me some way out of this problem. And at the end of the call I however managed to get a link from them. They told me that I might get all fix from their official forum site. Giving me the link they told me to visit the enterprise forum. I was quite happy that at least they helped me out this time. But later on after visit the link provided by them I found that there was actually no such Enterprise forum existing over here instead I found a registration message asking me for the registration. I completely lost faith from the Support center now, I am sure they are never going to help me with my problems. Its better to consult some expert technician rather that wasting time on with them on calls.

    However I managed to get at least few improvements. I found that with a direct connection to the iscsi appliance from the server did worked better without any requirement of the cross-over cables are anything such things. Going for another gigabit switch from netgear in order to get a separate server network would be more preferable as according to the experts.

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