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Thread: A report from kaspersky reveals Mac security is '10 years behind Microsoft'

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    A report from kaspersky reveals Mac security is '10 years behind Microsoft'

    In a recent article which I read from cnet I got to hear that Kasperky is worried about the security threat to the Apple in one interview of the Kaspersky’s CEO reveals ‘Apple has a lot more malware coming its way, and that it's not putting enough resources into protecting users.’ So with that we can easily predict that apple is lacking a bit in terms of protection. Kaspersky’s CEO has further went to reveal that apple has to invest a lot in the security audits and make some changes in the existing codes, there should be a regular updates for the new mac os. Otherwise Apple will face the same problem which Microsoft had placed some years back wherein many incidents like Blaster and worms attacked the system regularly. Since then Microsoft have guarded their system strongly and have made strong changes in their security system. Now its time for Apple to do the same and think about the security. on the other side Apple is seriously thinking about bringing in new changes in their security aspects. New versions of mac os x will be having a inbuilt malware scanner named as XProtect which will be able to protect the system from unwanted threats.

    Now I need to know what do you all make of this story? Do you think apple has such a weak security or will it be able to bring in a change in terms of security? What do you all have to say about the same? Please comment over here.

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    Re: A report from kaspersky reveals Mac security is '10 years behind Microsoft'

    Yes if someone from kaspersky is saying this then I should believe because that person who is saying that is not a ordinary person he is ceo of Kaspersky. So whatever he is saying might be correct now on the other side I don’t think apple will be slow to fix up the security patches here and there in their OS because 10 years before it was a completely case with the Microsoft at that time they weren’t aware of such kind of threats but now I am sure everybody would have been aware of such threats. so they will speed up with the process of getting a proper security to the system, this news would be like a alarm bell to the Apple. So I am sure Apple will be able to do a better job then Microsoft and that too in a quick time frame that’s what I believe over here.

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    Re: A report from kaspersky reveals Mac security is '10 years behind Microsoft'

    I am bit relieved with this kind of statement made by that guy I was always thinking as if why people used to prefer mac over Microsoft. This is one report by which I can tell my friends I am a prod user of Microsoft and even you all can have a look at it. the future of apple is in their hands only its upon them how do they react or prepare themselves against the large number of threats or malware attacking their system, there is no doubt that the threats will be increasing day by day but it is how you prepare in advance which makes yourself distinguishable from the others. The same concept was applied by the Microsoft some years ago and today there are benefited by that. As the Kaspersky’s CEO speaks Mac security is '10 years behind Microsoft' he has rightly said that. if apple wants the they can take some inspiration and learn how Microsoft was able to reach this stage. Hopefully they would get many things to learn from it. it really feels great to say that I am a Microsoft user.

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