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Old 11-05-2012
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How to Connect two networks

Hi all,

I need some help if someone could be kind enough please...

I'm currently studying and have an exam coming up and looking at the paper there's a part that's got me stumped

the scenario calls for me to set up 2 small networks each network consisting of:

A 2003 server

2 XP client machines that will allow users to send/receive emails to and from other users..........

I can configure the servers as mail and email users on the same network but I'm stuck on the following:

"Configure Network A to allow limited access by nominated users on Network B"


"Configure email to allow email communication between all users on both networks"

All of the above is being done in a virtual environment using Oracle Virtualbox so using a router isn't an option for me, I have read that RRAS will enable this but we haven't covered RRAS in the course yet and I don't have a clue.

This is what I did so far but ran into to brick walls

I "added" a 2nd adapter on my virtual server then set different static IP addresses for both, and both NIC's are on an "Internal Network" as are the clients:

"Local Connection - Static address"
"Local Connection 2 - Static address"

I configured RRAS with static routes as follows

Local connection
metric 1

Local connection 2
metric 1

but I cannot get any communication between the server and either of the clients, I tried assigning relevant static IP addresses on the clients so they'd be on the same networks " &"
but still nothing

can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please

Thanks in advance

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Old 22-05-2012
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Re: How to Connect two networks

If you have any gateway on the NIC then remove it as having two gateways will definitely cause problems. Remember, "default gateway" means only one default gateway. Can't be two. Second, you only need one static route, which will be configured on the router that tells that router how to get to the Nic network. Setting a static route on the RRAS server doesn't help.
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