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Thread: Unable to open ShieldsUp webpage

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    Unable to open ShieldsUp webpage

    I am not able to load this particular website with my opera browser can you all tell me what could be the issue? Is this the same problem with you all or is it me only who is not able to load it. I am a frequent user of this particular site thatís why I want to access it as soon as possible but this particular opera browser isnít allowing me to do so creating some problems with the access. Apart from opera I donít have any other browser. Yes internet explorer is there but I am not using it from ages, thatís why I decide to stay away from it. if the issue is with the browser then I am ready to switch to some different browser and access this page? If the problem is with the ISP then tell me what can I do? If everybody is facing the same problem then I am sure itís the websites problem. So speak out your answers on this particular thread. Whatever your suggestions are would be appreciated from my side.

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    Re: Unable to open ShieldsUp webpage

    I think it has to be the opera browser because I am having opera 11 browser it is not getting opened there but the same web page is getting opened in the other browser such as Firefox and Google chrome. I donít understand what would be the problem with the opera browser? It used to run before suddenly it has started not loading. I am sure it would be some kind of local issue so have some patience try loading the page the another day and see if it is getting loaded or not. I am sure it will do. In case if it wonít then trying out a different browser is the only option for you I suppose. So I hope you did understand what I meant by that.

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    Re: Unable to open ShieldsUp webpage

    I am using Opera 12 browser and the webpage is getting loaded good out there I donít understand why is it not loading in your browser I would say for once try updating your browser to the latest version I think that will be helpful for you. in case if that does not work out then better change it to some different browser I suppose that would be a good solution for you.

    Apart from that I donít think so anything has to do with yur isp I suppose because they arenít responsible for not allowing any web page to open yes unless and until there was some problem with your ip then it could give some problem other than that I donít think so there should be any kind of problem at all with the browser. Thatís all I have to say here.

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