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Thread: Poor Firewall provided by ESET Antivirus

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    Poor Firewall provided by ESET Antivirus

    Hey guys out here just recently I took a annual subscription of eset security for my system as such I haven’t been a great fan of this particular antivirus but on my friends recommendation I purchased a 1 year license for my system. Its just yesterday only when I was browsing the internet I decided to do some research on ESET to just check how this antivirus is actually. I read several articles about eset wherein one particular website had mentioned that ESET has a very poor firewall. Its firewall can be cracked by any threats by which it gives a easy backdoor access to the threats in our system. Reading that article I was a bot taken away because as such I know that ESET wasn’t a great product but now if it has such a poor firewall then how can it protect my system. So I have come here to know from you all if that is exactly true or not? that’s what I want to know from you all. If this turns out to be true then I will be making a point to switch to some different antivirus such as Norton or kaspersky.

    So guys please reply as early as possible on this particular thread. I am waiting for the response from your side.

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    Re: Poor Firewall provided by ESET Antivirus

    No not true at all, I wonder in which website have you read this? even I want to know about it. Like I am using ESET from past 2 years and it is the best antivirus that I have come across like it does not uses so much memory nor it has any problem with security. the firewall is good it is best to keep the firewall in the interactive mode because it will have a good control over the in flow traffic as well as the outflow but on the personal front I prefer to keep in the automatic mode let the firewall do whatever it needs to do I wonít be interfering anything with it thatís all. One more thing donít think about switching to the manual mode and all in which you need to adjust the settings because that will make you slip further into more confusion, whatever websites that you have referred to donít worry dot take it seriously you go ahead and keep updating the antivirus with the latest version that will fix up the problem I hope thatís pretty much clear for you thatís it from my side for you all.

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    Re: Poor Firewall provided by ESET Antivirus

    I donít believe you because kaspersky has a better security solution then the ESET. I have a real life example to say to you all thatís why allow me to tell that. see what had happened was my system used to hang a lot and every time I used to get a error message from the ESET saying that the ESET has blocked an access from the IP so I thought it is actually blocking the IP but in real it isnít many a times when I was online I used to get a feeling that somebody else is accessing my system from elsewhere using my ip. Now this is a very serious problem I found out various ways by which how can o prevent this from happening never at once I thought that weak firewall is causing such kind of problems but later I realized that. Thanks to one of my friend who told me to switch to a better antivirus system and hence I thought of switching to the kaspersky antivirus. Its been 6 months since I am suing the Kaspersky I havenít got any kind of problem in the system the system is working smoothly. The firewall is running quietly in the background and I keep updating the antivirus library with the latest updates. Os with this way I ensure that the security of the system is kept safe every day. So if you are thinking to switch over kaspersky for that matter then I wonít stop you. better to go ahead with that. Donít wait till ESET gives you more damages for your system in the form of Virus attack or ip hack or something else. So better be safe then sorry.

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    Re: Poor Firewall provided by ESET Antivirus

    Hey if you are thinking about switching to the ESET 5 then I would advise you not to go ahead with that because I have heard there are lots of pop up and messages for every possible notification. we get to see that for every particular threat in the system or any kind of virus attack it ensures that the users get the pop up each and every number of time the user decides to close, I think they havenít kept the pop up not for the notification purpose but to keep informing the users repeatedly which at a point does becomes too much to handle and they havenít given any kind of options by which the user can think of disabling it whatever the case is, the developers of ESET shouldnít have introduced such kind of features in it.

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    Re: Poor Firewall provided by ESET Antivirus

    You should also check out the Traffic Inspector from Smart-soft with Kaspersky gate antivirus.

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    Re: Poor Firewall provided by ESET Antivirus

    Kaspersky usually runs for around three hundred and ninety dollars for similar firewall protection.ESET Nod32 is yet another anti virus program that, for a small fee, can provide you with great firewall protection. ESET Nod32 runs for about four hundred and thirty dollars over the internet and it gives great anti virus protection as well as great firewall capability.

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