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Thread: Administration Tool for Dell Powerconnect 5524P

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    Administration Tool for Dell Powerconnect 5524P

    Hello guys, I am new in the field of networking and want to learn something about the Dell switches. I am having a network in which I have used the Dell Power connect 5524P to connect the entire network. I was wondering that if there is a free tool to discover and manage the entire network, to setup the VLANs enable and disable the features and ports etc. Please provide me details for Administration Tool, Dell switch management.

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    Re: Administration Tool for Dell Powerconnect 5524P

    I suggest you to use the Open Network Manager to manage your network. Open Network Manager is easy to install and use. It is designed to simplify the management in Dell network. It has One-to-many management function. Open network manager easily monitors and diagnose the networks health and performance. With this software you will have the ability to deploy firmware, backup and restore configurations across many switches. It is a web based user interface software the is easy ti use and it is also customizable. Analysis the traffic flow which helps you in maintaing optimum performance configurations. It has proscan which audits the configuration and helps in pinpoint and correct the configuration problem. You can customize performance monitoring with the help of active performance monitor. You can discover ip based network with resource discovery wizard. Resource management enables easy configuration of the switches. For one-to-many switch configuration it is providing resource group management. Comprehensive reporting for inventory, firmware, interfaces, ports and many more. Event management to manage, filter and forward the events. Flexible dashboards management for fault, availability and performance monitoring. Advanced scheduling to help automate key tasks, such as firmware deployment, backup and configuration changes. Adaptive scripting interface for creating custom queries and configurations.

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