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Thread: Suggestion about Rising Antivirus 2011

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    Suggestion about Rising Antivirus 2011

    Hello friends, I was planning to go for Rising Antivirus, I really not know how good it is, but I would like to know that is this antivirus is good for my system or not? I was trying to find out some information but did not getting it, as it was in Chinese. So does anyone knows anything about then please do share it with me, if you have some other suggestion then do suggest me. Thank you.

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    Re: Suggestion about Rising Antivirus 2011

    This antivirus is being developed by Chinese company, so if you try to find out official website then it will be totally in Chinese. There is no complaint about this antivirus, if you are going to use then better go for it, it will be protecting your system from all viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits and other malicious programs. This antivirus is not being used mostly, but then also it is being best among itself. I have tried this one for me, as a trial one. You will be able to use the Active Defense, Patented Unknown Virus Scan & Clean and Patented Smart update technology easily, not at all confusing. Just need to do the settings for one time, such that during the installation time after that forgets about it. One thing which I really like about this, is that does not disturb with various pop-ups, if you have used other antivirus then you will be keep on getting pop-up messages, that firewall has activated this or any application is being block due to some reason, which is keep on irritating when you are doing some important work on your system.

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    Re: Suggestion about Rising Antivirus 2011

    I would like to share my experience with you, used the Rising Antivirus free edition on my computer and did some of test, first try to work it with some Trojans. There are two types of virus once which are of public versions are being detectable by each and every antivirus but there are some private ones which is only detected by strong and powerful antivirus, like the Kaspersky. But when I start using Rising AV then it does find out the virus but it does not give the notification that there is a virus in the system, which is being done by every antivirus. When I have tried to run then during that time Rising File Monitor Alert have notified me that it has founded a virus and asking me to choose one option among clean, delete or ignore option, so that it can take that particular action for it. One side it is good and other side it bad, good side is that it not scan automatically in the background due to which the system does not slows down and bad side is that if there is any virus which is entering to my system then it will be not notify me. So to check that I have tried to copy some of common Trojan virus then it was able to detect it. So the bad side has turned to be good side.

    I then thought to copy of private Trojans on to the system which is hardly detected by any antivirus, and then it was not able to detect it. Seems to be another free antivirus which is able to detect only common/public version antivirus, this was very much disappointing for me. I feel that there is no difference in free antivirus which is not having a good proactive engine in them. When I have run the private Trojan then it has not affected my system, but it was being getting blocked by Rising Antivirus. It has also detected some of the hidden process which was being spawned by the Trojan. After all this I have run the complete scan on hard disk and boot areas, then it has detected private Trojan which I have copied it, this thing has impressed me. It is not having the perfect virus definition to identify the private Trojan as a threat then also it is able to block it, if those private Trojan have infected your system then it will detect from hidden process and remove all of them.

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    Re: Suggestion about Rising Antivirus 2011

    I would like to tell that you should not use the AVG antivirus; it is not at all worth to use. If you have seen or used the AVG 8 then it is a bit bloated in comparison to older version, which were very much light. Even there are couple of other software’s who have stated they will be adding some of the latest features on to their product, but adding those features it is making very much bloated, you will be able to see in all top antivirus software’s. I have used the AVG 8 free edition which was making my system very much slow, most of the time it was using more processor due to which I was not able to run any application properly. If you are thinking to use that then I would suggest that do not go for it, whereas you can go for some other one, even Rising Antivirus is really good and effective also. If not happy with it then can go for other, there plenty of them in market but do not go for AVG and Kaspersky, as both of these eats up plenty of system process which is making system very much slow.

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