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Thread: Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform available now.

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    Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform available now.

    It just came to my notice that PrivateSky is really an easy means for communicating and sending any files securely. It really works great other than some of distributing services existing where it secures Information Exchange , makes use of breakthrough Incognito Keys as well as makes use of certificateless encryption technology along with powered by CertiVox offer completely secure information switch . but not knowing more than this . according to me, I suppose itís the best suitable distributing services for me. But it was not publically available to all and this time I suppose they have released it publicly . so what all I can benefit from this service. What are more advantages regarding the same and please let me know whether it will remain free or not after launching its global beta. Can you further assist me to know this one? I also have some more questions but now only need to know this one.

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    Re: Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform available now.

    You can consider Voltage security of the same kind as it also purposes the same as PrivateSky does, but I can surely say that PrivateSky is better than voltage because of its n number of features. So it automatically produces encryption keys bases on your email address.,it will tend to create your personal "SkyKey" for generating public along with private keys after you ahve signed in. You are also able to send an encrypted message to a companion who has not signed up till now for a free PrivateSky version. PrivateSky basically encodes the message by making use of SkyKey that will be created for the receivers email address. in fact, PrivateSky arent partial to email. You are also able to employ it to encrypt some text you enter on a Web site. For instance, you could generate blog posts that only precise individuals are able to read. PrivateSky can't assist you directly if you are wedded to your POP3 otherwise Exchange-based email account. It can be seen that Outlook Web Access will not tend to work, since the toolbar doesn't come into view in the child window used when you read some important messages.

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    Re: Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform available now.

    One of the positive points which private sky holds is encrypts and decrypts any Web-based email or further Web-based communication the main advantages why it is good is along being itís easy to use, Desktop app encrypts/decrypts any text at all and it is all capable to encrypt for numerous recipients. In addition, it also verifies sender of encrypted messages. But it only supports IE at present and so lacks with some other browsers.

    You can also say that its disadvantages are Encryption is text-only, and there are no images or formatting . no simultaneous sue and can use on only one device at a time. nowadays, CertiVox is carrying an inventive get through in information security. They just present what no other company does, counting thier exclusive HTML5 browser-based two-factor authentication procedure along with complicated encryption key management platform. CertiVox, is initiating their public beta of the PrivateSky Secure Information Exchange (S.I.X.) portal. It came from some sources that with this latest technology, users will find really easy and secured on the market to take benefit of data encryption and manage online information.

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    Re: Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform available now.

    I will provide some more information regarding the PrivateSky S.I.X. platform: so to add further, it uses breakthrough Incognito Keys . It also gets rid of the compliance concerns that surround cloud computing. It also is important and far-reaching solutions for industries. encryption I really affordable, usable as well as portable as it makes sure for on-the-go security protection in the cloud. So this feature really makes it powerfully simple. It as well departs from other products since the user encrypts his or her information from the beginning of the source and keeps total charge of his or her encryption keys continuously. in spite of the difficulty plus power of the elliptic curve cryptography technology at the back of it, PrivateSky was engineered for ease. Leveraging the control of HTML5, the verification with encryption procedures are totally browser-dependent with no software or browser plug-ins necessary. clients can at this time encrypt with exchange information by means of the cloud lacking the load of certificates.

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    Re: Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform available now.

    By getting rid of the both individual trouble and the need to administer complex infrastructure, they have taken the hassle out from Online security, and they have performed well to make it simple and inexpensive for anyone to secure info exchanges for the web 2.0 World Wide Web of things. Because so much of our individual information as well as economic communication are processed crossways the Internet , data encryption is the serious step to make certain illegal hackers do not have right of entry to that data. So as they are knowing this fact, trying to built a future prospect by partnering with beta users to get ready for upcoming future. It also came from some sources that they are going to release version for opera and opera mini.

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    Re: Public Beta of PrivateSky S.I.X. Platform available now.

    This first-of-its-kind encryption procedure is effortlessly made active by a click of a button from within Outlook, a web browser or by means of any browser-based application on a PC, other operating system such as Mac, tablet or else Smartphone. Itís a one-click answer where encryption with decryption are firmly concluded with no disturbance to workflow, setting it apart from additional Internet security stuffs. They have really provided a good concept of white paper. As for a new cloud hosting provider it will really be great . some users were having some queries regarding EU data retention mandates as well or not. But , it has been well confirmed that they donít provide such facility.

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