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Thread: G Data Internet Security 2013 Beta version available to download

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    G Data Internet Security 2013 Beta version available to download

    If a single malware protection is not enough, G Data offers two there to make you feel safer. We know G Data Internet Security 2013. G Data has long been one of the most reputable anti-virus, and effective, but perhaps not yet known as it deserves, always at the forefront in the various tests conducted by independent organizations such as AV-Comparatives . It is the new version of program which will be available from a few days, in which case we will see the functions of G Data Internet Security 2013, has two scanning engines, BitDefender and those of avast, and is sold with an annual license, valid for two computers at a price of 39.95. The license also includes a version of the antivirus for Andoid smartphones or tablet. G Data is compatible with 32-Bit and 64 Bit Windows 7 and Vista with at least 1 GB of memory, while Windows XP 32-Bit only and requires a minimum of 512 MB of memory.

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    Re: G Data Internet Security 2013 Beta version available to download

    I noticed though:
    • In "general" explanations are given to make the most of G with a small configuration data, is given the choice between security and speed, I got tested on XP and 1GB of memory, not observed heaviness on one engine which one of Bitdefender.
    • There is more than a bar of web protection, only the "bankguard" is retained, one can be at it absorbed the other, as in Firefox and its many developments, extensions have not always have time to follow, much easier.
    • Some changes in the translation, "newspapers" instead of "protocols", not worse. It has been redesigned.

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    Re: G Data Internet Security 2013 Beta version available to download

    G Data Internet Security: Protects while surfing the Internet, including one firewall optimized for games and a spam filter by language blocker, preserved among other things, from viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, dialers, Trojans and backdoors, offers double-scan technique, immediate protection against new viruses and heuristics for discovering unknown viruses. Gdatas AntiVirus puts viruses with two scan engines to body. Through the combined detection rate of Avast and Kaspersky (corporate products Avast and F-Prot), it again achieved outstanding results in the signature-based scan tests. The picture changes when the rootkit, which revealed only half Gdata. The heuristic drew less than 30 percent of new viruses and suspicious behavior, the control is still in its infancy. It only monitors certain system resources and report suspicious changes though, but those operations were not evaluated in the context of other activities.

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    Re: G Data Internet Security 2013 Beta version available to download

    G Data Internet Security 2013" to ensure safe surfing on the Internet. The application includes, among other things, a virus, a spam blocker, firewall and anti-phishing module. The anti-virus tool helps you fight against viruses, worms and Trojans. The software will scan the first system to a digital fingerprint of your files. Each subsequent scan be checked only the files that has changed that impression. The integrated firewall protects you from unauthorized access to your PC from the Internet. You have given the possibility to choose between four different levels of security. The integrated on-demand scanner will work in the background while you use the PC does not, so that the software provides proactive protection.

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    Re: G Data Internet Security 2013 Beta version available to download

    Optical changes in the 2013-generation is not much, and the surface of last year's version is largely retained. Under the hood still potter about two scan engines, which come from Avast and Bitdefender and are optimized on data from G itself maintained whitelists. The WebCloud function is to block phishing websites to protect the mail protection against infected message attachments. In the 2013-G products seek data to the current products the consumption of resources and speed have improved.

    The delivery of all three products, each includes a license for the Android Scanner, G Data Security Mobile and Online Protection G Data Bank Guard , the financial transactions incurred through the browser to protect against attacks. A single license of Antivirus 2013 cost 30 Euros, Internet Security 2013 and five more Total Protection 2013 40 Euros. Beat three licenses, each with 10 Euros extra to book.

    As usual, users with a valid license to their security packages in the Customer can upgrade to the latest version. The packages Total Care, Internet Security for Netbooks and Laptop Security can be set with the new generation. Existing customers may upgrade to its free installation on G Data Protection 2013.

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