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Thread: Daily backup failed with DPM

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    Daily backup failed with DPM

    I am having the IBM LTO 4 tape drive and also have 800GB cartridge. Total data size for me is about 60 GB per day and I am using different tape for one week. Ok….so here goes the issue...when I make use of the free tape for the data backup on Sunday then there is no problem with that and it is working well. But when I make use of the same tape after a week then DPM is not even detecting the cartridge. I have already tried by co-locating but that makes no difference in this. Can somebody over here guess that what could be the problem with this and how that can be resolved? If you have any helpful information then pleases post that as soon as possible. I will be thankful for all the information on this.

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    Re: Daily backup failed with DPM

    I think that you are making use of the standalone drive and that is the reason that you are facing the problem like this. What you can do is, just try with the inventory of the drive and that is just before starting the job. See if this problem is resolved or not. This is very weird issue but I think that it will help you to get out of the issue. If ‘you are having any further query/problem with this then pleases let me know that. There could be many other problems like this but you should start by checking inventory of the drive and if that is not the case then we will try to solve this in some other possible way.

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    Re: Daily backup failed with DPM

    One thing that you must verify is that if the tape which you are using is set as write protected by DPM. This is also one of the most possible reason for this problem. That might be based on the retention time. I am having less idea regarding this because I am writing 20+ TB of data on tape every week but I main the data for many months. So just check the tape retention time in your case. There are many of the users who neglect this thing and think that there is some problem with the tape. As per my knowledge regarding this, tape is just writeable for some time and after that it turns into write protected and this will be in the same state unless the data on the tape ends. But I am not 100 percent sure about this because never rotate the tapes like you are doing in your case. I wish that this thread will be helpful to you to understand the things related to the issue that you are getting.

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