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Thread: How to setup an App-V streaming server?

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    How to setup an App-V streaming server?

    Hello friends, I really wish to assess the potential of App-V so that I can simplify the IT environment. But I am new in this and I am also not able to find much information regarding setting up full App-V. I am not even able to find anything for setting up the basic streaming version so that I can at least test that. Can somebody over here post with some helpful post that can be useful for me to understand the setup process. I am sure that this is going to be helpful for many of the users who are searching for the same. I am saying this because I have find some of the unanswered posts on a few other sites who are asking for the same. I will appreciate each and every reply on this. Please reply as soon as possible.

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    Re: How to setup an App-V streaming server?

    If you have determined a target computer in the network, you can install with the login credentials of a local administrator Application Virtualization Streaming Server using the following procedures and assign the appropriate server group. The Installation Wizard can create a server group record, if such does not exist, and it can create a record for membership of the Application Virtualization Streaming Server in this group. Restart the server after installation. If you just require having the app-v then you can simply download 4.6_SP1 pack and after that run the App-V management server. I would like to tell you that the streaming server is needed for the branch office scenario. Once you are completed with the installation of the App-V management server then you will be able to connect client PC and for the client PC it is needed to install App-V client package. When you go for the App-V client package installation then it will ask for the Management server. I hope that this will give you overall idea about the installation. If you have any further query then please reply back.

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