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Thread: how to connect a wireless laptop with an existing wired LAN network

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    how to connect a wireless laptop with an existing wired LAN network

    I desperately need your help, please help me out. I am completely null with technical knowledge. I have a small office; over there I have some 5 to 6 computers connected through a switch. I am using a BSNL wifi connection and this connection is also connected to the switch. All of my 6 computer systems are in a homegroup and sharing without any issue. IP address of all of my systems is as follows:
    •, 3 4 5 6 etc.
    • Subnet-
    • Gateway :

    Now what I need to do is to connect one of my laptop to the existing network but the thing is that the Ethernet port of my laptop is completely damaged. First let me know whether it is possible for me to connect the laptop wirelessly with this existing wired Lan. And if its possible then what type of hardware do I need to make a successful connection and most importantly how exactly I will connect the laptop to the network. Please help me out with a suitable solution and exact step wise solution. Waiting for a proper answer.

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    Re: how to connect a wireless laptop with an existing wired LAN network

    There are number of laptops that have an inbuilt wireless ability. For do one thing, first scan your wireless network and then connect to it. and if in any case you do not have a wireless Lan network then you need to somehow set it up. And if in other case if your laptop does not have an inbuilt Wireless Lan capability then you need to have to get a wireless adaptor.

    First of all ensure that you wifi modem or the router is completely configured in order to transmit wireless singnals and also it has an SSID name and the password for some security purpose. The laptop that you are using and which you are trying to connection should probably have a wireless adaptor as already suggested above. if adaptor is not possible then you can have an external USB wireless dongle. By doing so your laptop should not be easily able to pick up the SSID name for the router and also you are supposed to type in the password and lastly you should be completely through to internet.

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