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Thread: Find who is using my wifi

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    Find who is using my wifi

    I have installed wireless router in my home and I have given the password to my friend. And I think that he is using it all the time. I wanted to know that is any way that find out that who is using my Wi-Fi router?

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    Re: Find who is using my wifi

    Yes there is a way by which you can know that who is using your Wi-Fi. You can check indicator lights in the router which shows the internet connectivity, hardwired connectivity and other wireless activity. If you see those blinking when you are not using your Wi-Fi, then the way is to switch off the router and check for the suspicious who is using your Wi-Fi. This may trouble you in other Wi-Fi devices you use. Donít forget to remove your other devices and this method doesnít provide more information. But this is a quick method.

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    Re: Find who is using my wifi

    You can use your routers administrative console to find out who is using your wireless network. Change the routers security settings. To do so log into your routers IP address. If you donít know the routers IP address then you can find it by going to command prompt and typing ip config and it will display all the ipís from that the default ip is the routers ip. Once you find the routers ip then open your browser and write the ip in the address bar and you will logging to your router and it will prompt you for password, enter the password. As you get in to it check for the connected devices. It could be named as Attached Devices, My Network or My Network. It will provide the list of the ip address which are connected to the router and check for the devices which are of your own and remove the unwanted users from the list.

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    Re: Find who is using my wifi

    Here are the steps to see that who is in your network.
    • Open the browser and enter your routers ip address.
    • Input your router's username and password.
    • If you are using the default password then I recommend you change your password.
    • You can note down the address of the device which you are using and then check for the unwanted devices in the network.
    • Go to the Setup tab.
    • Select Local Network.
    • Click on DHCP Clients Table

    This list will tell you the name of computers connected to your network on DHCP. You can check the list and recognize the unwanted ip address in your network.

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