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Thread: Uplink speed of D-Link DGL-4500

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    Uplink speed of D-Link DGL-4500

    Well I am using D-Link DGL-4500 from past couple of days. I wanted to know how often this particular router supposed to test the upload speed when the option has been set to automatic rather than that of manual? Why I am asking because I have observed that speed test is happening when I am doing speedtest? I am getting 3meg. However after resetting the router and tried a speedtest then UL speed is returning to 5meg. I measured the uplink in yesterday night and it was set to 3 meg before reset. Hence I have concluded that if Option has been set to auto or any reason router is getting upload speed lower than that of actual speed. Let me know if you are having any useful information to share on this particular matter. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Uplink speed of D-Link DGL-4500

    Looking at the situation I wanted tell you that you should turn off the auto option if you are getting lower uplink than that of the original one. However I am not sure whether it would work for you or not. Another point is that the router is returning to lower speed just because the router is not utilized. However can you tell me which version of firmware do you have installed? also let me know if you are able to set 6048 speed. If I am not wrong max preset should be 2048. It is also dependent on quality and results which it was produced from the test you have done.

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    Re: Uplink speed of D-Link DGL-4500

    I got below mentioned information from the help section of this particular router. Automatic Uplink Speed is option which allows the router to measure useful uplink bandwidth every single time when WAN interface has been re-established automatically. It does the same thing when router has been restarted. Also there will not be any effect in the performance if you have set normal speed. Right now I was working with my friend who was having A2, he set Auto Uplink as well as status to the router which has been changed to 16Mb. Also upload band would not make any effect on latency as well.

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    Re: Uplink speed of D-Link DGL-4500

    As far as I know router and modem are supposed to handles the speed automatically particularly when you are using higher data speed. There are some routers which are having manual preset setting and they are not able to cover above 2Mb. However currently we are able to see UPLink speeds which are faster than that of 2Mb for more number of UPLink speeds. When I looked on automatic uplink speed counter I got 4500. When you are talking about the lowering speed there should be a valid reason. I have read somewhere that ‘You can only send as fast as the receiver can receive’ So you might get an issue if you are running faster speed. I think it should be a really good thing router is allowing to have a data transfer at faster speed. However I am wondering that routers are able to work properly if they are set to automatic. However user should learn all the settings and figure out which settings is the best one for you.

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    Re: Uplink speed of D-Link DGL-4500

    If you are having Resi Cox connection then I am saying that it would be better if you are able to signing into Cox's internet tools and you should simply try to test the router speed over there only. It would be helpful to you if you are able to get close to server. However the results are logged at Cox so that they will be able to review the same. it would be useful if you will be able run the test really slow and othr end Cox would look the signals from the modem about the same. if you compare Visualware and Speedtest then Speedtest should not be well at all. it supposed to be a capacity test. It supposed to observe the transfer rate of first session. The capacity test would run for the longer period of the time a and it would consider average of all sessions.
    Another thing I wanted to discuss over here is that there is lots of congestion happening at the area of yours. You are trying to upload from the lower side so there is nothing to do with the router which yo9u are having. Most probably infrastructure into the area is having capability that much onmly. You will be able to see upload jump if you have placed modern equipment.
    In the situation of mine I have turned off gamefuel after competing some testing. When I was doing gamming on the network than gamefuel was making me slowing down. This is the ionly thing router has to manage it. if you are having couple of people browsing facebook, another one is viewing online videso on Youtube and another watching Netflix and you are gaming . then I think Gamefuel could be helpful to you. so there is no need to have Gamefuel. However if your ISP begins to detect QoS flags from the packets and handles the traffic as per the packet then I think it would be worth full to have Gamefuel.

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    Re: Uplink speed of D-Link DGL-4500

    In this particular situation bars are used to figure out the latency. Consider you are connected with the server at point B and you are at Point A. it is obvious that traffic supposed to go through the console to router, router to modem , modem to Node and so on. The Latency for Point A to Point B might go up if there are no changes are happened. The bars supposed to more relative which are connected to the server but they are not relative to which are not around of you.

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