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Thread: Are firewalls actually efficient?

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    Are firewalls actually efficient?

    Iíve been wondering about this from quite a few time now. Does firewall actually work? Because almost every PC has firewalls installed in it,

    I guess. Then from where do these stories of hacks come in?

    Is it the firewall or the people who are at fault?

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    Re: Are firewalls actually efficient?

    Now this is quite a tricky question, I tell you. Thereís no short answer to this.
    For better understanding purpose, let me explain how firewall works for the following OS.

    Windows has an inbuilt firewall, but most of the times, it is not efficient enough. The reason being itís not always completely preconfigured to fully protect you. It usually blocks only incoming threats and not outgoing information.

    Similarly, even Mac computers come with an inbuilt firewall. A Mac is built on Unix based code which makes it impossible to catch a virus from Windows computer.
    That doesnít mean itís totally unsafe.

    A Linux computer doesnít come with a firewall. But Linux being an open source, one can get free antivirus protection.

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    Re: Are firewalls actually efficient?

    I am sorry to disagree but trust me, your post hardly clarifies anything and most of the things are not right.

    I would like to clarify one misconception that most users have. Firewall is not meant to keep you safe from viruses and all. They have other functionalities. Their basic task is to prevent intrusion. Also, now a day, MAC computers can fight with operations from Windows PC as well.

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    Re: Are firewalls actually efficient?

    In my opinion, you must opt for perimeter firewalls, also termed as hardware firewalls as they work at the network level and keep you safe from network level hazards.

    A combination of a strong software firewall and hardware firewall is one of the best way to deal with security issues.

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    Re: Are firewalls actually efficient?

    I disagree to you in a slight context. For basic home PCs, the firewall provided by Microsoft security essentials is enough to keep them safe.

    However, if itís a big server and a shared pc or pc with very sensitive data, network level firewall would be required.

    Again, having both s/w and h/w level connection doesnít really matter. It just gives you layers of protection.

    A person with basic common sense can understand the fact that if a person can break a network level firewall, s/w firewall would be a cake walk for him.

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    Re: Are firewalls actually efficient?

    Let me answer this to you in a simpler way. Most firewalls are absolutely perfect if configured and installed in the way it should be.

    Firewalls are developed by expert professionals who make sure that the output is efficient enough to perform the task it is meant to.

    However, the efficiency of it depends on the individual who uses it. A proper firewall installation expert should be called for the solution if the data is that sensitive. Things would simply be fine.

    There wonít be any particular thing to worry about.

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