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Thread: PS3 and NAT type 3 connected to Netgear MBR1210

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    PS3 and NAT type 3 connected to Netgear MBR1210

    Right now I own a NETGEAR MBR1210 Mobile HSPA+ Broadband 11n Wireless Router. This router has Turbo Hub and so it is definitely fast enough for online gaming and other things over wifi. The problem is with the NAT type 3, which does not allow me to play all of my games. Everything else working fine with this. I tried port forwarding putting my PS3 in DMZ mode, assigning a static IP and lowering MTU setting but it couldnít help out. When I contacted the Sony, they told me to contact Netgear. However when I contacted the Netgear they told me to buy a new router. What can I do now?

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    Re: PS3 and NAT type 3 connected to Netgear MBR1210

    The Demilitarized Zone or DMZ, the firewall is not controlled by him, allowing any type of incoming and outgoing traffic. Basically if you put the Playstation 3 in DMZ, there will be no barrier between you and the outside world. That said, I highly advise against this method, although it is the simplest but the current was not discovered any bugs or security from the outside inward, this does not eliminate the danger.

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    Re: PS3 and NAT type 3 connected to Netgear MBR1210

    I am also stuck on exact situation and still did not find any solution. No luck came out yet. The Port forwarding is set up on my router. I tried for asking primary and secondary DNS numbers for the reason of using the static IP connection but they gave me a work around which also didnít work in my case.

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    Re: PS3 and NAT type 3 connected to Netgear MBR1210

    I think that the console is connected to a firewall (or router), but the necessary ports were not opened properly. You might experience connection problems, especially during online play. The UPnP technology enables you to automatically open the necessary ports to systems connected to the network, so you do not have to do it manually (manual port forwarding). To use it just enable it in the Playstation 3 and in your router, if it supports it. If you enable it in after checking the connection of the console you still get a NAT Type 3, we have to take refuge in the third and last affordable option, port forwarding manually. If you are still not able to get NAT Type 3, you should try to start from scratch.

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