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Thread: Is there any software for hacking network?

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    Is there any software for hacking network?

    Not that I want to be a hacker or I am planning to hack anyone network , it just I thought would be a nice to know that there is some application that can actually do that, though I strongly against the hacking but is there anyone here can tell me if there is any software that can do this .

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    Re: Is there any software for hacking network?

    Well that very generous that you just need info but no actually will try this but you know that any software that you find to do this will not help to hack the network . you might get the information of getting in to the wireless networks in a way that will leave logs which can help to trace back to you but such hack will help you in case of you have forget the password of your own network

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    Re: Is there any software for hacking network?

    Know few software that do this
    1. Nikto – CGI Scanner
    2. John The Ripper Password Cracker
    3. Nessus Remote Security Scanner
    4. Wireshark – The Sniffer
    5. Nmap -The Network Mapper
    6. SuperScan- Port Scanner
    7. Eraser
    8. LCP – Windows Password Cracker
    9. Cain & Able Passwords Cracker
    10. Pof

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    Re: Is there any software for hacking network?

    Any wireless network consists of at least two basic components - a wireless access point and wireless client mode (ad-hoc, in which wireless clients communicate directly with each other without an access point, will not be considered). Wireless LAN standards 802.11a/b/g provides several security mechanisms, which include a variety of user authentication mechanisms and implementation of encryption when transmitting data. Hard to hack

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    Re: Is there any software for hacking network?

    Utilities that are specifically designed to break these networks and available on the Internet abound. However, there is one "but". Almost all of them are "sharpened" under the Linux-based system. Actually, from the perspective of an advanced user - is not only a hindrance, but also vice versa. But ordinary users of the Linux operating system is rarely used, so it was decided to consider only tools that are supported by Windows XP.

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    Re: Is there any software for hacking network?

    Aircrack a program 802.11 WEP key cracker and WPA/WPA2-PSK. Aircrack-ng can retrieve the WEP key once enough encrypted packets have been captured with airodump. Well this application aircrack-ng suite performs does many types of attacks to find the WEP key from the small amount of the captured packets, together with statistical attacks with hard force.. To crack WPA/WPA2-PSK key, you must use a dictionary. Airodump is used to capture packets and 802.11 wireless is useful to accumulate Vs IVs I try to use with aircrack and the WEP key. If you have a GPS receiver connected to your computer, airodump can display the coordinates of access points it finds.

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    Re: Is there any software for hacking network?

    Yersinia. Itís a difficult tool which contain knowledge of quite a few things, low level protocols included. So I like to inform you that , you downloaded the source. so as to make use of the application you will have to compile it. Try searching for a binary package for GNU/Linux distribution

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    Re: Is there any software for hacking network?

    Hey I like to tell you that if you looking to hack the strangers router (WIFI) or neighbors that is not legal . And if you not in to the hacking then why donít you just pay for your own Internet service. Instead of asking this silly questions . will you like if some intruder come you house without your permission and still from you , the same is with the stealing someones WIFI (Internet). I think no one will help you to if you want to hack illegally

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