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Thread: Cannot remove ZoneAlarm old entries, causes blockage

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    Cannot remove ZoneAlarm old entries, causes blockage

    There was previous version ZoneAlarm. Recently I switched to new version. Before installing the latest version, I simply uninstalled the older version and installed the new one. Also installed the latest version of Firefox as well as Java. I have also configured permissions both of them. But somehow both programs are blocked from internet access. In ZA, there it shows that, old entries of previous versions still lied along with the new one. How can I solve this thing?

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    Re: Cannot remove ZoneAlarm old entries, causes blockage

    Here I think that the issue is due to the registry entries. First of all uninstall the ZA and also deletes It root folder from the program files and from the system32 folder. Donít forget to clear the temp files and internet logs as prefetch folder. After all this process, you have to delete old registry entries. Make sure that you are not deleting the incorrect entries since it could cause the serious threat to OS. Also keep in mind that before deleting always make a backup of the registry. Open the Registry editor and delete the entire folder specified as following:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Zone Labs
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\vsmon
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\vsdatant

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    Re: Cannot remove ZoneAlarm old entries, causes blockage

    In my case I have also got the same problem and I did the same thing mentioned in the above post. I had to delete the files and registry keys manually. The problem I came into was, I didnít have the uninstall.exe to run properly. It showed me access denied error. Sp o delete everything in safe mode.

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    Re: Cannot remove ZoneAlarm old entries, causes blockage

    If you really want to remove everything regarding he ZoneAlarm, try PocketKillbox. Download this app and Extract it from the zip file. Now run the Killbox.exe by double clicking on it. You will see a note saying "Paste Full Path of File to Delete" box; there you should put a full path/filename you want to delete. After that click Action menu> Delete on Reboot. Again go to Action menu select "Process and Reboot". When system ask for Reboot, do the same.

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    Re: Cannot remove ZoneAlarm old entries, causes blockage

    As far as I know that the Zone Alarm firewall protects computer from any kind of outside intrusion like hackers or other malicious software. When you uninstall the program, it will keep some traces behind in the registry files. Those need to be removed so that they will not conflict with other programs. After running standard uninstall tool, you need to registry entries

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