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Thread: license break or invalid in Kaspersky Internet Security

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    license break or invalid in Kaspersky Internet Security

    Hi friends recently I am trying to install the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus in my system, but however I canít able to do that. I am getting error for my license the message for invalid license is continually popup, so is there any problems is available in my license. Why this issue occurs why the license break during using Kaspersky Internet Security. If you guys have any ideas about this issue then please let me know, your reply will be thanks and appreciated.

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    Re: license break or invalid in Kaspersky Internet Security

    According to my suggestion may be the protection is paused and because of that reason you are getting this issue. And may be the data base is not up to date. However you can also verify the working of the license is proper or not by using manages license window ad view the status of your license. So the better s to update it again to overcome the issue.

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    Re: license break or invalid in Kaspersky Internet Security

    This is not the common issue, I think if these kinds of issue are there with the Kaspersky Internet Security then try to restart the System And then wait for sometime till the complete process assign for Kaspersky Security and then may be this issue will be not there. This is also depends on which version of Antivirus you are using and whether your processer supports this version of Antivirus or not? This supporting issue is there if you are using the older version of System specification.

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    Re: license break or invalid in Kaspersky Internet Security

    May be the Antivirus is not install properly, so the better is to reinstall this Antivirus or you have to make use of this option to overcome this issue. For that you have to go to Windows control panel > Kaspersky > modify > Repair > update databases and then reboot the system. May this will help you out.

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