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Thread: Certificate authentication failed error how to fix that

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    Certificate authentication failed error how to fix that

    I am using a Toshiba laptop with dual core processor and it is running on Windows 7 with the latest windows update till date. I have installed Internet Explorer 9 version on my pc and when I am trying to install Adobe Flash Player 11 vesrion then am getting an error message that says "Certificate authentication failed" and the installation quiets. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Certificate authentication failed error how to fix that

    You might need to unblock a software publisher. To do that open Internet Explorer 9 and then click the Tools button and then click on Internet Options. After that go to the Content tab and then search under the Certificates section. Now you need to click on Publishers button and then choose the Untrusted Publishers tab. After that select the Publisher that you wish to unblock and click the remove button. Thats it.

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    Re: Certificate authentication failed error how to fix that

    I think that you might be having some issues with the code signing mechanism in your Windows operating system. I dont know for sure why you are not able to save and run the standalone installer in your computer, have you tried it anyways? However, can you try to run the Fixit utility from the microsoft website that is listed below and see if that helps you sort out the problem:

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    Have you tried to right click on the Setup.exe file and choose to run it as administrator option? You need to do it even if you have logged in as a admin in your computer. Incase the program is already installed then try to right click on the shortcut to the program or the exe file and the choose the Run as Administrator option. Can you check to make sure if any other program is not interfering with the installation, like any security programs?

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