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Thread: Low wireless signal in Netgear CG3000D

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    Low wireless signal in Netgear CG3000D

    I had installed Netgear CG3000D router in my room. I am having a very slow speed. This use to work really fine when it was new. But now it is quiet slow. I have a broadband internet connection. I easily get 60kbps of speed constant. But in the router getting around 10 to 15kbps only. What can be the problem. And it also not placed on a very long distance. What should I do.

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    I think your router signal is getting obstructed in between. There can be many things. There can be some object or some platform. Try to go near to the router and see whether you get maximum signal strength or not. If the signal strength increases then it means you are either very far away or your signal is getting blocked with something. You have to change the router position. Place it somewhere nearby and then check back.

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    Do you have any other device in your room. Like radio or any thing that can interfere the wifi signal. Just turn that thing off. Login to your router page and a full factory restore. You have to save the settings before that. Once you are done with that check the speed once again. There are some wireless speed analyzer that give you a bit detail on speed issue. Try one of those tools and see what output you are getting.

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    I have a old router which has the same issue. It works fine for sometime. But sometime it is extremely slow. I tried many things and last found that the problem was with the antenna. It was broken and was not able to constantly transfer equal bandwidth. The last thing I did is bought a new antenna and added that on the router. It started working fine. Luckily my router was having a feature of detachable antenna. offer better results in case of detecting low levels of signal.

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    Go on the official site of netgear router. And as per your model find the right firmware. A number of time new firmware are released in the market. This new firmware makes the router better. The speed will be constant. I had done this to my old router and now it is working really fine. I always do this whenever I found that my router is not working fast.

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    Re: Low wireless signal in Netgear CG3000D

    Firmware update is a good solution. But even after doing all this thing if the router fails to work then it means you have a very low range router. You can extend the wifi range through range extender. You just have to plug that in your lan port and you can get extended wireless range. I use two range extender in my home. I simply helps me to get constant internet speed

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