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Thread: Upgrade Avast SBS Suite to version 2011

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    Upgrade Avast SBS Suite to version 2011

    We contain a little SBS network (10 clients) depending on SBS 2003. Presently we encompass a SBS Suite license which is on to run out. We want to advance to SBS 2011 and Avast 6 on top of the client. Is there any options? I recognize that the latest SBC is not prepared, except there are a few plans to make on hand a latest SBS Suite license which contains Avast 6 used for the client? Otherwise do we have to purchase 10 CALs for SBS server version and a 10 license pack for Avast 6? Does the older SBS Server version run on SBS 2011?

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    Re: Upgrade Avast SBS Suite to version 2011

    Avast! offers most of its products in specialty suites to help the client's needs, which can save real money on the final purchase. Types of Suites:
    • avast! Enterprise Suite
    • avast! Advanced Suite
    • avast! Standard Suite
    • avast! SBS Suite

    When purchasing a Suite, you receive a license file covering all licenses for products that make up the Suite (License.dat). When used ADNM all licenses are included in the license file (such as "NetClients"). When you want to use avast! Professional simply only have to open the license.dat file with a text editor, and the principle is the license for avast! Professional.

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    Re: Upgrade Avast SBS Suite to version 2011

    Unfortunately it is impossible to install SBS 2008 on a SBS 2003, it is necessary to change the machine. You can virtualized SBS 2003 server using Virtual PC for example (make a migration) and then release your old server, install SBS 2008 migration mode and operate migrate your Virtual Server SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 server. This is not trivial, but doable.

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    Re: Upgrade Avast SBS Suite to version 2011

    There is no connection probable through the v6 client (up till now) and to the extent that i recognize SBC is replacing the entire idea of SBS suite. The so called connector, in order to connect v6 clients toward ADNM, i have heard of is not approaching out a little bit as much as i gathered...

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