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Thread: Photo Stream not working in icloud

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    Photo Stream not working in icloud

    I am having Windows 7 installed on my computer and want to upload the photos from the computer to Iphone 4 with the help of Photo Stream but I found that this was not working for me. I put the photo to the Upload forlder within to upload folder within the Photostream directory lying on the computer but that is not getting to the phone. There is no problem to download from Phone to PV. Do you have any suggestion for this?

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    Re: Photo Stream not working in icloud

    This looks very strange but both of them are working for me. It can be the format issue and if you want to ensure that then see to it that if the iPhone is formatted formerly.

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    Re: Photo Stream not working in icloud

    I would like to tell you that iPhoto 9.2 brings the next icloud links with other minor changes: In the magnified view can now navigate through finger wiping between each photo. Previously imported photos in iPhoto can be now within their own area of the Import window. Topics for books and calendars and categories for tickets can now be using pop-up menus. The update also fixes a problem when printing individual pages of a book and in the acquisition of books and slide saved when creating a media library.

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    Re: Photo Stream not working in icloud

    Aperture 3.2 takes not only the icloud support but also some bug fixes and minor enhancements: Among other things, the message "Load" now in the viewer during the cropping of a photo is no longer re-appear, also will start Aperture now automatically in full screen mode when the user application was last used in this mode. The gesture for zoom mode is activated automatically in the viewer now this, the "wiping" gestures to navigate between photos can now also use the viewer. Microsoft Outlook users can now select this application as an e-mail client.

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    Re: Photo Stream not working in icloud

    After configuring the service, apart from the photos themselves that we take from the IOS device, we can also configure Aperture to work with this new service. In the preferences you can enable Photo Stream to put online so that we all photos from our camera turning. Automatically, without doing anything else, we can see any of the last thousand pictures we have stored in the program.

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    Re: Photo Stream not working in icloud

    iPhoto is also available in a new version. This version is required to use "Photo Stream" can also be a feature introduced with icloud. Photo Stream allows you to put images taken directly to other devices. The following additional improvements to Apple leads with:
    • gestures for the left and right Wipe can now be used to navigate between photos in the enlarged view (one).
    • Previously imported photos are now displayed in their own section in the Import window.
    • Topics for books and calendars and categories for tickets can now be selected using a pop-up menus in the carousel view.
    • Fixes a problem where some pages of a book may not have been printed correctly.

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    Re: Photo Stream not working in icloud

    To use the iPhone photostream, you obviously need one icloud account, this in turn requires an Apple ID. Open the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad "Settings> icloud". If you already have an Apple ID, enter it with password. If you do not have Apple ID, you simply select "Get Free Apple ID." The Request is completed in just under two minutes. Once you have logged in icloud icloud shows how to set the available options, except for mail are all off. Select "Photo Stream", and set the slider in the window active. Thus photostream is on. After becoming comfortable with the iPhone, iPod touch or shoot the fourth generation of the iPad 2 is a photo, it is not only, as previously stored locally on the device, but also sent to icloud. This first happens or only when a Wi-Fi connection.

    A tip for owners of an iPad and a "real" digital camera: If you have the iPad Camera Connection Kit feature, you can play on your digital camera photos on the iPad.

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