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Thread: Converts the router into access point.

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    Converts the router into access point.

    hi, I have an old router; I convert that router into access point. During the convert some issues are obtained. I have idea about the wired network, but I have not any idea about wireless network. I search on the internet to designing the wireless network. Depends on that information I make wireless network connection. There is no DHCP and my access point ip is, subnet:, and can I put the is manually? If I set the ip manually, my access point ip is subnet: and gateway is I have a confusion about my dns ip address .anyone have any about that, what part am I missing?

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    Re: Converts the router into access point.

    hey , your connection setup are good but there are some little problems I will show you that,
    • Set your ip address, which contains first 3 sets sure the same as current router ip. But change only last set which is not part of the main routers dhcp pool. The value you given the subnet mask is right, don’t change it. Gateway can be the ip of the main router. Disable DHCP server and plug the lan cable to 1 to 4 switch ports.
    • If this is an old router and if this has wireless router then it is so simple like plug and play modem to wan. Connect the lan to computers the login the setup the wireless channel and security.
    • Then change the access point mode which is enabling bypasses all the firewall and security features’.

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    Re: Converts the router into access point.

    set your access point you might the try following procedures.
    • First connect the router into your pc.
    • Do not use internet port, use lan port.
    • Open internet browser or web browser, click on URL address and type your router ip address and log in to it.
    • Disable the DHCP server on this router.
    • Not connect this router using the router ip address by outside main router with DHCP server range.
    • Now disconnect the plug, set your router to access point place and connect it via Ethernet cable with main router using lan ports at both ends.
    • Now typing access point ip address to your web browser on any computer on your network, you should be connecting access point.

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    Re: Converts the router into access point.

    if I want 3 routers with that method. Then is it possible or not? If it’s possible then show me method in full description.

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