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Thread: Slow WAN Upload with Linksys E4200

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    Slow WAN Upload with Linksys E4200

    My ISP is providing me 100 Mbit/s connection but I am not able to get the stable upload speed while I am connected through the Linksys E4200. If I get connected to the ISP directly then I get 95/93Mbps and when I am connected to the Linksys E4200 then I get 95/86Mbps. I want to ask that if this is normal or I need to do something to get this resolved. I wish that I will get quick reply on this soon.

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    Re: Slow WAN Upload with Linksys E4200

    You can try by enabling the DMZ and see if that can make any difference to that. This team has a technology that is characterized by trust and provide the user with security on two levels. A first level of security is to mask the IP addresses of local users to other users on the Internet, so it is more difficult for hackers to access the network. A second level is that you can block and redirect certain ports to limit the services to which users can access, unless access is required to enable applications to be specified in the configuration of Virtual Server or DMZ (demilitarized zone). Sometimes it is recommended to enable the DMZ on a particular machine by the application you're using, but be cautious as to enable the ports to the outside router is unprotected.

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    Re: Slow WAN Upload with Linksys E4200

    Just contact the internet service provider and ask this to them. They are best to answer for this problem.

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    Re: Slow WAN Upload with Linksys E4200

    Many of the times, I have seen that the firewall enabled can cause the issues like this and if you wish to ensure that then just disable the firewall protection from your computer and then try to upload and see if increases the upload speed or not. If this solves the problem then just lower the protection level and that will really be helpful for you.

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    Re: Slow WAN Upload with Linksys E4200

    I think that resetting the router might help you. I am not very sure about this but you can try this once to see if this is helpful to you. You can go through the manual of it and get the method to reset it. In many of the similar cases, resetting router helps and so I think that it will do the same. Please reply back if this was helpful to you or not.

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