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Thread: ASK Toolbar is installed with Avira AntiVir

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    ASK Toolbar is installed with Avira AntiVir

    Hello friends I have installed the avira antivirus and it is working fine but because of it the Ask toolbar is getting installed in the browser and this is too irritating it opens slowly and it is so irritating I donít want this to happen please help me suggest me something how to get rid of this. I am not able to think about this.

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    Re: ASK Toolbar is installed with Avira AntiVir

    Well I donít think that this is the problem with the antivirus the antivirus is working fine isnít it then I think it is fine and this ask tool bar is asked in the beginning itself. When you start the installation at that time after the first one or two next there would be a check box where you have to unclick to install the ask toolbar with it and if you uncheck it then the problem would be solved for sure. It wonít be getting installed and I know that ask toolbar is bit boring as people are only interested to remain with the google anyways uninstall it and then reinstall and look for the check box and then get rid of it.

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    Re: ASK Toolbar is installed with Avira AntiVir

    I wonder why you have downloaded and install this antivirus it has very boring antivirus just get rid of it and get some other antivirus I donít think that this antivirus is having any better review just remove it change the registry key and then install some other antivirus and then be safe.

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    Re: ASK Toolbar is installed with Avira AntiVir

    Well I have been using this antivirus and it has been nice there is no problem and then the thing is you can uninstall the toolbar later on also and then the homepage would be changed too and you would get the problem solved this would save the time of uninstalling the antivirus and installing it again. Just open the browser and remove the toolbar and change the home page.

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    Re: ASK Toolbar is installed with Avira AntiVir

    This days almost all the software are having something with them, some or the other tool bar is there always, many of the antivirus are having number of toolbars. And this can be solved while the installation itself as the above poster has said do it like that and you need to remember one more thing that this days almost all the applications has something with it so try to avoid them in the beginning of the installation and you wont have any problem like this ahead.

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