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Thread: How an ISP Works

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    How an ISP Works

    What is ISP mean, what is their role on internet, what are their importances; please give me more information regarding ISP? I have read lots of books based on this topic but still not have that much of information about ISP, so help me out.

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    Re: How an ISP Works

    ISP stand for Internet Service Provider, their role is to connect the computer to the internet. If our connection is down or disconnected then a message regarding ISP is pop up. The main function of ISP is to provide internet connection to the one who wants to connect with the internet and use this service. They also provide the four basic needs for any kind of personal and business needs i.e. Tools, Access, Training, and Technical Support. A number of good internet service providers can assist dealer and resellers enlarge profits through commissions or subscriptions. Dealers and resellers that collaborator with a good internet service provider host can make use of the assets of the provider and pass these on to their customers.

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    Re: How an ISP Works

    To unite to the network a range of technology is provide by ISP, no outer user can directly use the services of ISP, if you wants to obtain connection you first have your ISP to establish the connection after getting connect you need to login to the connection . By using Modem Pool ISP will receive your information your provided information is verified by ISP after it get verified you are allow to connect to the system. ISP provides one IP Address to you so whenever you visit a website your IP Address is recorded. IP Address provide to each user is unique. By which the ISP can catch the user if attending some cyber crime over the internet.

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    Re: How an ISP Works

    Much of the business transaction takes place through the internet, so it is important to have a good ISP, to provide reliability and hosting services to your business it’s important to have a good internet service provider If your internet service provider does not have the potential of managing the expansion of your business your customers will repeatedly get “Server Not Found“or "Page not found” errors which make your visitor to turn for another links. So in order to make a good company sales and reputation a good internet service provider is required. They should be capable to propose good maintain with all of your website, networks and email or other connectivity issue. They should offer fast uploads as well as downloads process, dedicated domains and no proxy servers.

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