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Thread: Activate License key of Avast Antivirus

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    Activate License key of Avast Antivirus

    I recently downloaded Avast! Antivirus trial version from internet. But the antivirus says it works for only 30 days and the license will expire soon. What should I do? Can I get a License key anywhere? How much would that License key last? And what would be the cost of the License Key? Can I get it for free from anywhere?

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    Re: Activate License key of Avast Antivirus

    The Avast lasts for 30 days in trial mode or 60 days if you have avast Home 4.8. You can extend the license to unlimited period and also have many new advanced features that will make your antivirus totally virus free and will protect it as long as it is updated regularly. But you will have to pay a license fee, you can find more info. on it on Avast’s official website. Though, if you want it for free you can get a 1 year free license which is valid for a year. For getting the license you will need to check out the support section of the avast site. Once registered, your free license key will be sent to your mail within 24 hours. So, once trial period expires they will ask you the license, you can enter the license key from your mail.

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    Re: Activate License key of Avast Antivirus

    Is the license key valid only for Avast antivirus because I got the new 5.0 Avast Internet Security software but I received the license key via email but it does not enter and extend my license? Any suggestions as to why this is happening? Is der any other place I need to register for activating it?

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    Re: Activate License key of Avast Antivirus

    I will give you full procedure for activating the license for your Avast Internet Security 5.x. You will get a License.avastlic file attached to your mail. Save it somewhere on your disk. Next, right click the avast tray icon at the taskbar of your desktop. Then select ‘Subscription Information’ from the menu. Else, you can select the same thing in the main interface of your Avast. In the subscription window you will see 30 days trial period and a tab containing Insert a license file option. Now open the License.avastlic file from the disk and select Yes when insert option asked. Once successful you will get the Avast activated for a full year. Hope this helps, this is valid for any avast product you might have purchased or license key compatible with it.

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    Re: Activate License key of Avast Antivirus

    There is a license key doing the rounds on the internet that activates the antivirus till 2038, that is 37 years from now. The license key is W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467. You can try inserting it into the antivirus with the method where you will need to enter the key into the box and not insert a file. Although this 38 year license will only work for free version of Avast and not for them who purchased the software from market or elsewhere.

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