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Thread: how to setup Google TV on wifi ?

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    how to setup Google TV on wifi ?

    I am using Google tv. When I try to connect the Google to my wifi he gives error and it canít access the internet. The error message showing that connectivity limited but when I checked with other device then I can access the internet so that I unplugged and replugged the router connection. My other devices such as lapyop have no problem with my wireless. I donít know the exact problem behind this. so please if anybody having any information then just contacts me.

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    Re: how to setup Google TV on wifi ?

    I think there is no such problem with wifi connection as your other devices working properly. So just connection. I know much about the pita it might be. Just try to pug the Ethernet cable in back of the TV. There is port behind the back of the TV from picture. Wireless G isn't the best for video often in my opinion. Try to check the connection of router.

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    Re: how to setup Google TV on wifi ?

    According to there is no need to buy the cable and dsl router .this problem is due to internet conncetion.because I have same problem setting up the Netflix DVD player which recognized my wifi but did not connect to internet. According to me this just because some of networking issue you just search on internet about this or visit the some sites or trouble shoot the Google TV.

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    Re: how to setup Google TV on wifi ?

    Hello , I had some issue as you ,just check the network parameter. Or network information. So first you check the network information, such ip address, ethrenet mac address, wifi Mac get this information press fn+1 then you will get all information about this. Then reboot the system and then just remove the cable and LAN and revue. System automatically fixed the issued.

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    Re: how to setup Google TV on wifi ?

    If you have problem with bandwidth then also you canít connect with internet.
    • Best be achieved by connection of your ID (network interface device or entry point of the phone line)
    • The best is the closest place to network router, where he lives and gets used (bedroom / living room off the kitchen / laundry side of the garage)
    • Wired LAN clients may need to change the wireless clients to achieve a good location.
    • Place the router above head height to achieve maximum dissemination of the signal.

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