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Thread: How to manage wifi connection of cox cable internet

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    How to manage wifi connection of cox cable internet

    I have configured a wireless connection via Cox Cable at my home. Rightnow I am using this on my pc and other two systems. Now my friend recently came with his laptop. I tried to give him a connection but it is not working. I tried various methods here but none of them are giving a proper connectivity. The tech guy says everything is fine from their end. But still the internet is not working on my friends laptop.

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    Looks like the laptop is unable to get automated ip due to which you are facing the issue. Just go in your laptop and type cmd in start menu. Run ipconfig /all and hit enter. You can get the list of ip address and other dns. You can note down that. Now in your friends system go in network connection and right click on the network adapter. Choose TCP/IP and add the IP details. For IP adders if your ip is then use for your friend system and try back.

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    This type of issue appear due to dhcp or due to limited number of connection. You have to go in modem and see whether dhcp there is enabled or not. You can then simply try using a manual ip thing. You can go in the router and see if the connectivity is not restricted to some system only. Go in the laptop and see whether the wireless is detected or not. To reset that network adapter just enable and disable it through Network Connection.

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