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Thread: Configure WAMP Server on Local and Public Host

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    Configure WAMP Server on Local and Public Host

    WampServer is a platform for Web development on Windows. It allows you to develop dynamic Web applications using the Apache2 server, the scripting language PHP and a MySQL database. It also has PHPMyAdmin and SQLite Manager to easily manage your databases. To create your own web server on Windows we will use the package Wamp . Wamp is a very convenient utility to install a web server (Apache) with PHP and MySQL, since it saves you install each one separately and configure them. The default settings that brings Wamp allows you to start playing without changing anything.

    How to install WAMP

    The first step is to download the software from the official website of Wamp. In addition to the Apache server, PHP 5 and MySQL, you install phpMyAdmin, a web application to manage databases easily.
    When you install I recommend that you leave the folder names and paths as they are by default. When prompted you must enter the SMTP localhost. When you ask for the email should put the email on your domain (for now you can leave the default and change when needed). And finally you give the browser.

    Wamp is designed so that when you want to change or access any of its contents do it by clicking on the main icon. The different services provide by this software here you can use :
    • Applications: Localhost (takes you to your homepage) and phpmyadmin to manage databases
    • Www directory: the directory should be your projects and websites
    • Log Files: where are recorded the actions and impact of each application (apache, php, mysql)
    • Config Files: where you can access the Apache configuration files (httpd.conf), php (php.ini) and MySQL (my.ini) and change its parameters
    • Control applications: you can also pause or resume the application.

    If everything is working, the Wamp will display an green icon. Or else you can see a red indication.

    Configure URL of WAMP
    • Once you have WAMP installed and started , you can visit sites that you create by typing in the URL bar of your browser favorites: http://localhost/yoursite/. It works perfectly. You may prefer to have urls that look more like what you see every day browsing the web. To configure this ther are two options required to fix this
    • Change the configuration of WAMP Apache (httpd.conf httpd-& vhosts.conf)
    • Change your Windows hosts file (C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts)

    How to add a password in WAMPP
    • One of the first things you should do is add a password to the database. This should be done from the Phpmyadmin this. Open it (clicking on the WAMP icon in the toolbar and within this in phpmyadmin). Click on Privileges. From here you can edit the root user. You can change the name and password.
    • Once finished click continue and everything works should go to the file that is located in C: \ wamp \ phpmyadmin.
    • There you will find the line that says root / / MySQL user and modify the new name (if you've changed) and the password is directly below.

    You are ready and properly configured. You can start building your website, blog, forum in a simple and convenient way

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    Re: Configure WAMP Server on Local and Public Host

    I know some way by which it becomes possible to access the same server from internet. The first thing to know is your ip and your default gateway (router). It does this by opening a DOS console and putting the ipconfig command. The following is enter the address of your router (gateway) in the browser and once inside it or Forwarding find Virtual Servers. You should put as the ip you have seen in MS-DOS Console and Web Server option. If your router does not give you this option and have to put TCP port 80. In principle everything is ready so that people can access your website by placing your public ip.

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