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Thread: System infected with Fakealert!grb

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    System infected with Fakealert!grb

    Iím having system which is having Windows XP SP3 installed in it and Iím having Internet Explorer v8.00 and I usually boot the system in normal mode. While working on it I started getting an alert for Fakealert!grb infection so then I had run the Trend micro housecall and even the Malwarebytes and even hijack this but it show that system is clean. So I just want to make sure that is it really clean what type of alert is that and should I need to change the antivirus.

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    Re: System infected with Fakealert!grb

    Donít make a use of tools such as hijack this as it you wonít be able to operate your system and for that you need to reinstall the operating system. Well if you are having windows 7 and windows vista then you can make a use of such tools with an admin rights and if youíre using windows xp then you must open my computer and then click on tools menus and then click on folder option and then from there click on view tabs and from there uncheck the option for Hide file extensions for known file types and under that just select Show hidden files and folders and then uncheck Hide protected operating system files and then click on apply and then click on ok.

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    Re: System infected with Fakealert!grb

    You must run ATF: IE file but before that make sure you close all the browser after downloading the atf cleaner and then open the atf cleaner by clicking on atf-cleaner and then under the main section select all and then click the empty selected button and then from the list click the Firefox which is at the top and from there select all AND THEN DOWNLOAD THE COMBO FIX AND THEN DISABLE ALL THE VIRUS PROTECTION PROGRAM and then run the combofix.exe which will run the Recovery Console installed as it needed before doing any malware removal. And will going to boot the system in the recovery or the repair mode.

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    Re: System infected with Fakealert!grb

    Well I had used atf cleaner and it just work fine with me but when i had used combo fix while scanning my system screen went blue and then I got a message that windows is shutting down due to thred and after the system re start again I saw one notepad file which was nit there before. Donít know what was that file but my system is running good. So I donít think so itís good to run those tools in the system rather than using the virus protection.

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    Re: System infected with Fakealert!grb

    For this you must download the TDSSkiller and then extract it on the desktop and then just open the TDSSkiller folder and then click on TDSSkiller.exe file and run the application and then start the scan and if the infected file is scan choose the default action for cure and the then click on continue and if you get an suspicious file then select the option to skip it and after that it will ask you to reboot your system to complete the process.

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    Re: System infected with Fakealert!grb

    If you had not tried the system restore then you must do that for that just click on start and then go to all programs and from there navigate to the Accessories and in that look for tools option and form there you will get the system tools and in that just check for the system restore option and just follow the instruction provided on the screen and after that just check whether you are getting that alert no. hope this help you a lot.

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    Re: System infected with Fakealert!grb

    Start the system in the safe mode with networking and you will see that the MacAfee antivirus icon is not present in the status bar. I canít discover the task running that coincide with MacAfee antivirus and when I usually run the combo fix it had a few popup saying it was still active. I want ask whether I should click on ok it is the first time combofix has smooth made it far sufficient to warn me concerning the antivirus.

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