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Thread: Getting config file error on D-Link DIR-652

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    Getting config file error on D-Link DIR-652

    I recently got a D-Link DIR-652 router has 4x GB-LAN, and built with the Wireless-N. This is working just fine except when I was saving the configuration to a file config.bin trying to load configuration file results in an error. I looked at the file in notepad config.bin, and the funny thing is that it ends with a checksum settings. Has anybody else seen this error or recognize a way to fix it? Or maybe twice the amounts are normal and the problem lies elsewhere?

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    Re: Getting config file error on D-Link DIR-652

    Roughly believe like the troubles you have got of a few other routers to receive a firmware update, but lacking the benefit of the first router to factory default. Could be appeal an attempt to the values of the box to the factory and then make out what that shows the saved file. If the problem remains the same if I leave it in the factory and then stock up the firmware again and see if the problem is clarified by recur the equivalent assessment, while the default settings.

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    Re: Getting config file error on D-Link DIR-652

    I've experimented a bit and found that after restarting the router to factory defaults and change some settings, it can in fact save the valid configuration files. However, after stack a suitable configuration file, alter a little setting, and save it again, you get an invalid configuration file that contains both the checksum of the original configuration file, and a new checksum. Therefore, you will be able to make valid configuration files for different situations.

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    Re: Getting config file error on D-Link DIR-652

    I suggest using the router as a wireless router those others still quite uncomfortable. I found on the web configuration setup, you can set the broadcast power of "low" because of a missing ">" in html, and want to setup page is the menu on the left and can only be reached by speculation and by entering the URL yourself. This could be done with a firmware update. Firmware can also be a good candidate for the third, if the router is companionable.

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