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Thread: How to remove Trojan.Tracur.Gen virus

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    How to remove Trojan.Tracur.Gen virus

    Can anyone tell me how can remove Trojan.Tracur.Gen virus. I have a Windows XP pc and on that I had installed AVG. I thought this antivirus will be quiet enough. But this antivirus is not so effective. I have a virus warning, but is not being quarantine or removed. I had tried scanning but nothing helped. I do not want to format my pc because I don't have a Windows XP CD.

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    There is one simple way to remove the same. You can see the link below which has a detailed information about virus thing. The best antivirus for this purpose is Norton. Just download the latest version of Norton in your system. And then run the full system scan. You have to remove avg for that. At a time you cannot use two antivirus. So just remove avg and install Norton and update it. Then scan your system.


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    Removing this antivirus manually is very complicated. There are quiet high number of files which are affected by this virus. And to remove it you have to remove all those files. There are chances that you also have to remove some system files. This antivirus does not carry a very high risk. It is low on threat, but still it can be spread quiet widely.

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