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Thread: Unable to delete the ShellExt64.dll file

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    Unable to delete the ShellExt64.dll file

    My brother was playing some flash games on my pc. And he accidentally installed Lavasoft Ad-Aware program. Now I had removed it from control panel. I had gone through some steps mentioned in a article. I was just in a process of deleting left file in the system. Among which I am not able to get rid of ShellExt_64.dll. This file is locked and it is not getting out. What should I do to fix the issue.

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    Re: Unable to delete the ShellExt64.dll file

    You are deleting the wrong file. ShellExt64.dll is not a threat. If in past or if you are using any program from Stardock, then this file is associated with that. You don't require to remove it. If you think it is a threat just right click on that and choose scan with antivirus. If it is a threat then the antivirus will remove it, but if not then it will ignore the same.

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    Some time many virus or worms just manifest in the dll files and spread in your system. Due to which they are detected as threat. Scanning is the only solution. You can use different antivirus for that. You can try some free or some paid. There are online scanners available. That can just scan your system through cloud support. You can leave the file aside unless and until your antivirus is not giving you any kind of warnings.

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    Re: Unable to delete the ShellExt64.dll file

    To delete the file, here are some instructions. I have tested this and this has worked for me.

    1. Start your computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

    2. In Command Prompt, Follow these instructions:
    2a. Type cd /
    2b. Type cd/d C:\*86*
    2c. Type cd lavasoft
    2d. Type cd ad-aware.
    2e. Type regsvr32 /u shellext_64.dll
    2f. Type del *.* /f /q

    3. Repeat Steps 2a, 2b, and 2c. Then retype del *.* /f /q

    4. After this is done, restart your computer normally.

    5. After your computer has rebooted, go to Program Files(x86) on your main drive and delete the Lavasoft Folder.

    6. Empty your Recycle Bin and you're done.

    Hope this could help.

    The Jester
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