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Thread: How to remove virus

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    How to remove virus

    I am running Windows XP on my computer and recently I updated to the latest version of Internet Explorer. After that I also downloaded and installed the Bing Toolbar in my computer. Now whenever I open the web browser then I am getting as the default homepage and I cannot change it to any other website as well. Does anyone know how to resolve this behaviour? Thanks

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    Re: How to remove virus

    First of all launch Internet Explorer and then go to its Options and then choose Manage Add-ons. After that from the toolbars and Extensions tab, choose StartNow Toolbar and StartNow Toolbar Helper add-ons and then click on Disable. Restart Internet Explorer and then check if you are facing the same homepage as the default or not. Report back to us if you are still facing problem.

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    Re: How to remove virus

    Actually, you will also need to change your default search engine and to do that go to Manage Addons and then under Add-on Types click Search Providers. Now click the search provider you want to set as the default and then click Set as default. To change the homepage you will also need to go to Internet Explorer options and then go to General Tab and then under Home Page section, click on use default to restore Internet Explorer to default home page.

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    You will also need to remove the toolbar from your Add or Remove Software. To do that, click on Start and go to Control Panel. After that double click on Add and Remove Programs and then search for the toolbar from the given list. Select it and then click on Uninstall to get rid of this toolbar once and for all from your computer. Restart your pc after removing it to let your system take effects.

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