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Thread: How akamai netsession interface loaded on my computer

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    How akamai netsession interface loaded on my computer

    My computer got slow, thus I thought of removing some programs from my computer so that I again get better performance on my computer. So when I went through my system drive then program file then I found that there is something listed which says akamai netsession interface. It has been installed on my computer; I donít know how it got installed on my computer as even I donít know what exactly this program does. So help me knowing information related to this.

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    Re: How akamai netsession interface loaded on my computer

    You have found akamai netsession interface on your program files, but here you not need to worry about this program. I understand that on first site you will think that it is some kind of spyware which have been installed on your computer. So it is obvious that you would get scared of these as no one wants virus or some malware on their computers. But I have found that this program is not a virus or malware and you can use this software as I have noted that it is safe application.

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    Re: How akamai netsession interface loaded on my computer

    Yes definitely this software is safe application, so no need to panic about the same. I would provide you some information about this software so that you get familiar about this software. It is networking software built by Akamai. The main objective of this software is to improve the speed of your internet connection. It helps you to achieve higher speed while downloading something, or while watching videos over internet. So it would be helpful for you if you use this software.

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    Re: How akamai netsession interface loaded on my computer

    You might have installed this software on your computer and therefore this software is been displayed on your program files. If you think you havenít then some other person, probably some other user would have done this. If you have kept multiple administrator on your computer then such person have rights to install that software. If you are fed up of slow speed of internet downloads then you can use this software which would offer you in getting high speed internet service.

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    Re: How akamai netsession interface loaded on my computer

    By seeing these advantages if you still want to remove that program then you can remove it from your computer. You just need to go to Add/remove programs and then from the list select uninstall for Akamai and after the uninstall process completes this program would get removed. If you donít use internet then you can definitely remove it as it would just consume your memory space and would not be useful for you even.

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    Re: How akamai netsession interface loaded on my computer

    I would say that it is nice network software which helps you in knowing the network activity. It also provides a client server, as well peer to peer configuration. In order to get clearer on this you can visit official site of the Akamai, and there you will find detailed information regarding akamai netsession interface and then after going through whole information you will be able to take proper decision whether to keep it or remove the same.

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