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Thread: Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

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    Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

    I got some strange file from my university. I mean I have received a email from my university where I found chinesep.pps file. It is an attachment file on that email. I don’t know who sent me that file, i.e. I have received the file from some unknown person and he is using university mail ID. I am confused about it whether should I download and run that file. So I want to confirm about this as I doubt it as a virus file. So please let me know what exactly the purpose of this file is.

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    Re: Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

    You have got an attachment from your university. Then you must find out from your university that who is sending such files. For this university must be having records of their email ID. If university checks for that person ID then you can know actually who is sending that file. It is also possible that some intruder has hacked into your university and thus you are getting some files from that ID. So just consult with your university about this to know about this more.

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    Re: Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

    The file you have mentioned is Chinesep.pps; I have searched over internet and found that it is a file related to Microsoft PowerPoint software. You have received this file from your university so I guess there might be some information that your university wants to give you through this file. You can get this attachment on your computer and then read the file, but for this you need to install Microsoft Office software which includes Microsoft PowerPoint application.

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    Re: Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

    Basically there might be some needed information in this file that your university s trying to send you via email. If you find this as some virus file or unauthorized file then you should contact with your university administrator and ask for the same. It is also possible that university is trying to send this type id mail to many students so just contact with your friends and do ask then whether they also have received such type of attachment “chinesep.pps” from university.

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    Re: Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

    One said right that it is a PowerPoint file and you need the Office software in order to run this file. I go in more detail that when you install this software then you would be able to make presentations. The file you got is a PowerPoint show file. It means that someone from your university have made a presentation file and thus willing to give you so that you can also view the same on your computer. Note that you would not be able to edit this PowerPoint show.

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    Re: Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

    There are no issues in downloading such files on your computer, if you know that it is genuine and clean. So here if you have confirmed that this file is proper and doesn’t consist any malwares then you should download that on your computer. So you should always check these files so that any virus like thing doesn’t enter on your computer. Because if you don’t take some precautions first then there are more chances that your computer gets infected due to this.

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    Re: Is Chinesep.pps a virus file

    I think that this file is having some information regarding Chinese and therefore might be it has been given name as “chinesep.pps”. But before downloading that file on your computer you must keep some antivirus software on your computer. So that when you download that file you can scan that file and possible know whether this file consists virus or malwares. Also always have updated antivirus, by updating it daily so that your computer gets protected all the times.

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