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Thread: "Windows Repair" virus appears to have wiped all my programs

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    "Windows Repair" virus appears to have wiped all my programs

    I think I have got a virus when I visited a website last night, something flagged up in my AVG scanner and I clicked on remove, which says it has done. After sometimes a new “Windows Repair” program pops up saying that I have 11 serious problems, disk errors, viruses etc. I know that this is also a virus, so I extracted using Malwarebytes through safe mode. It has removed all the files which I saved on desktop, also from the start menu. Please anyone help me as I am afraid of reformatting it. I am using Windows Vista SP2 in safe mode.

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    Re: "Windows Repair" virus appears to have wiped all my programs

    If you are having any existing version of ComboFix kindly delete it. Also do not edit or remove any information or username, otherwise we cannot fix the problem. Just download a new version of ComboFix to your desktop. Make sure that it is directly saved to your desktop, and run from the desktop and not from any other folders. First close/disable al the anti-virus so that they do not interfere each other. Also close all the browsers and other programs. Now double click on the ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts. Select yes and let it download the files it needs to do so. After that it will ask to scan for malware, select yes or continue. When finished it will produce a report for you.

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    Re: "Windows Repair" virus appears to have wiped all my programs

    There is a better way to get rid of it. Just download unhide.exe from a virus free computer and then transfer it to your computer using a memory stick. Save it on desktop or any other folder that is suitable for you. Double click on it to run; it might take some time to run. Wait until it is complete. It will have removed all the hidden attributes that this malware has placed on the folders and files. In short, all your hidden files and folders would have come back.

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    Re: "Windows Repair" virus appears to have wiped all my programs

    When you restart your computer for the first time, you would hear a beep sound once, after hearing that, press the F8 key immediately through your keyboard. When you see a Windows Advance Option, take the selection to the safe mode with networking and then click on enter. Don’t allow Windows Repair to run.
    You can download HijackThis from somewhere or download it by yourself. After that run the HijackThis and select the scan button, which will let you perform a system scan. Select each of the lines
    O4 – HKCU\..\Run: [{RANDOM}.exe] %CommonAppData%\{RANDOM}.exe
    O4 – HKCU\..\Run: [{RANDOM}] %CommonAppData%\{RANDOM}.exe
    After you are finished selecting all the entries close all other programs and click on ”fix selected”.

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