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Thread: Vista Home Security 2011 Malware removal

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    Vista Home Security 2011 Malware removal

    Hi, I have a laptop running windows vista, and once I found that my laptop is infected by the viruses and malware thus because of that it was unable to work properly, I just install a antivirus called Vista Home Security 2011 Malware removal to my laptop, and after installing that I am unable to download any programs from the internet, and it keep showing the message in their personal windows, and this is too frustrating, I canít bare it more, any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: Vista Home Security 2011 Malware removal

    See, first of all if you are unable to download anything from the internet, that doesnít mean that it is happening because of the antivirus that you have installed, that also might have so many reasons, thus I would suggest you to check the settings first, that no one had restricted the setting for downloading anything to the machine, and the try to download anything you want, and if suppose you persist the same problem, then it would some other issue, but first of all try to do that.

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    Re: Vista Home Security 2011 Malware removal

    I was also having the same problem in my PC, when I was trying to download the software, and at last I found that it happened actually because of the viruses in my PC, and then I just install NIS (Norton internet security) in my PC and after scanning the whole drive, it detect and possibly fix all the threats, and thus I am able to download anything, so I hope you would get the idea, that you have to do now, scan the whole drive with the antivirus you have, rather I would suggest you to have NIS for your laptop, because I donít think the one you have is that good enough to fix all the viruses.

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    Re: Vista Home Security 2011 Malware removal

    You must have to be careful while accessing the internet because whenever we visit any entrusted websites, it transfers the viruses from there straight to our PC, and that leads to different problems including the one you have mentioned. Primarily uninstall the software that you have or download the updates, this will not distort because as you have mentioned that the AV only shows message and donít allow you to download the software. But you can download the updates, and if suppose you donít, then uninstall it, it is of no use.

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    Re: Vista Home Security 2011 Malware removal

    I would suggest you to recommend you that you should download the latest antivirus software from any other machine and install it in your machine, because if donít do this you wonít be able to download the latest software even and not the update also. So you must have to do that first. And it seem the problem is because of the antivirus only, I think you donít have the proper update for your antivirus, or apart from these have you have the proper internet connection for downloading? You should check the downloading settings also.

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